Conduit Network Boosts Browser-Based Apps in a Big Way

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Proving that browser-based apps are where it's at, Conduit (news, site) reported that more than 250,000 app publishers and 170 million users are now connected to their network.

There's a Web App for That

Though mobile apps spend a considerable amount of time in the headlines, Conduit's president, Adam Boyden, says the growth of his company's network is a clear reflection of the growing popularity of browser-based predecessors. 

“While most of the buzz in the media is about mobile apps, the reality of the situation is that 118 million more people use Conduit-powered apps than iPhone and Droid apps combined," said the company. "In fact, the Conduit Network of app publishers and users is so large that we are able to identify unique trends about web app usage.”

These trends include: 

Learning Opportunities

  • Entertainment apps: This is the largest segment among the hundreds of verticals represented in Conduit App Marketplace; 24.4 percent of the apps were created in this category since the launch of the marketplace.
  • News apps: 19.5 percent of apps in the Conduit marketplace deliver news from sources such as Fox News iVillage, and TechCrunch.
  • Social media apps: These apps make up 18.2 percent of the bunch, and was the fastest growing category among end users during the last year.

“Conduit is doing for Web apps what iPhone did for mobile apps and in a bigger market – the browser," claimed Conduit's president, Adam Boyden. "We are enabling web publishers to feed the insatiable desire by consumers to grab great content and functionality in a simple, elegant tool. The last year has been phenomenal for Conduit not only because we have worked with some of the best brands in the world, but also, more importantly because we have leveled the playing field for small publishers and developers to give them exposure and distribution comparable to huge companies.”

Building with Conduit

Interested in joining the team? No problem. The company's API offers customized, interactive components using XML, HTML, JavaScript and associated technologies. The site has examples of personalized apps, general apps and tips and tricks plus a live demo.

Further, there are plenty of community resources and tutorial videos to refer to for the not so coding-savvy. Check out more info here