Six Apart Launches Ad Network; Puts BlogAds Out of Business?

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Six Apart has just announced the creation of Six Apart Media and Six Apart Services divisions. The real news here is the Media bit. The Media operation is an advertising network -- not unlike Federated Media -- that will open up to participation from some percentage of the blogosphere, regardless of what technology the typing monkeys are using. As part of the news, 6A have nabbed NYC-based consultancy, Apperceptive. The acquisition forms the basis of Six Apart Services, which is really not about traditional consulting services, rather it's about helping bloggers monetize and grow their properties, while 6A Media gets a long term cut. Hey, hey, look what they've done...it's Vox flipped inside out.Six Apart has a solid history of creating some really good blogging technologies and supporting the people who use them. They are strong believers in "ensuring the success of your blog and backing it with professional support once it was launched."In some ways, it's not a real surprise then that they are offering up some new services that leverage their technology and continue to support the communities who use them. These new services may also be a way of obtaining market share over WordPress...who have been giving them a run for there money for some time.

Six Apart Services

Six Apart Services is a consulting division focused on helping the community build and implement blogs based on 6A platforms. It's the usual combination of DDII -- design, development, implementation and integration services. They've designed their service offering around two groups -- the small business and the big boys and girls. Bloggers and Small BusinessFour new service offerings for those just starting out or needing a tune-up all for the low sum of US$ 199 per blog:* Power Launch: All things you need to get started with your new blog* Blog Tune Up: Have your blog reviewed for things like load time, usability, visitor experience and then watch them improve it* Advanced Template Help: Learn how to customize those advanced templates.* Migration and Upgrade: Starting at $199 per blog, have your blog migrated to TypePad Media Companies and EnterpriseAimed at Media Companies and large enterprise, this professional services team will help design and implement a blog, social network or interactive website. Services provided include:* Social Media Training* Creative Services* Custom Development* Content Management* Advertising* Hosting ServicesAlong with this announcement is the opening of a New York location, likely because the core team for Six Apart Services is actually coming from a new talent pool located there. Six Apart has acquired Apperceptive, a website and blog design and development company located in New York. Who is Apperceptive?Apperceptive, a New York based design and development company is only 2 years old but claims some of the highest profile websites and blogs. Sites like The Washington Post, HuffingtonPost, iVillage and Major Leaque Baseball are just some of the sites this small group has designed and implemented, primarily using Movable Type.The acquisition does make sense, considering the skill set Apperceptive has in designing and developing TypePad and Movable Type applications.

Six Apart Media

The Six Apart Media group is all about helping bloggers monetize their blogs, while Six Apart gets a cut of that success. It's a suite of services that includes the usual tools and expertise for achieving goals like increasing traffic, gaining influence and building strong communities. The usual tools include social media, social networking, advertising -- you know Web 2.0.Six Apart's Advertising PlatformIt's also the start of a new service from Six Apart -- a public advertising network. They have introduced a new advertising program that bloggers can use -- whether they use the Six Apart blogging tools like TypePad and MovableType or not -- to serve ads on their blog.There are two components to their advertising platform: * Solutions for Bloggers: Choose the ads you want to run from a list of suppliers, utilize non-traditional advertising programs, easily manage campaigns and gain access to personalized marketing and promotional assistance.* Media Solutions for Advertisers: Go beyond traditional display ads, targeted campaigns, take advantage of Six Apart's social media expertise.The Advertising Program is not in full force -- it's being slowly rolled out to ensure it's being implemented properly. Likely they are ironing out the kinks. At the end of the day, it still comes down to how good their technology solutions are. With all the recent activity in that area: BlogIT, Action Streams, and an Open Source and new commercial version, there's a strong chance Six Apart could become the most popular blogging platform, especially for the enterprise. With a combination of top notch technology and strong small business and enterprise level professional services, Six Apart seems poised on the brink of a new beginning -- or an old one, depending on who you talk to.