Content Submission Guidelines

Do you have a professional tip, strong opinion or recent research you’d like to share with your peers through CMSWire?

As a community of more than 800,000 practitioners, we feature stories by our readers every day alongside our own staff reports.

Propose an original story that you think our community members will find helpful in their daily work. We work with one-time guest writers and with contributors who’d like to write on an ongoing basis. There is no obligation to continue after your initial post.

Our community is particularly interested in four broad areas:

  • Customer Experience (digital experience, DAM, mobile engagement, e-commerce, customer journeys, customer support and call centers)
  • Digital Marketing (marketing automation, crm, campaign optimization, lead scoring, A/B testing, mobile marketing, digital asset management, social media marketing)
  • Social Business (enterprise social, social intranets, SharePoint and collaboration technologies of all shapes and sizes)
  • Information Management (Enterprise CMS, SharePoint, document management, GRC, e-discovery, archiving)

Each month, we emphasize stories on themes that are listed on our Editorial Calendar. But we cover all of the above areas year round, so do not wait for a particular month if you have a story in mind.

What We’ll Do

We'll work with you to refine and showcase your article, which will appear on our home page. We’ll promote the story through social media and our newsletters. You'll receive a full-page profile that will include your social media links, Twitter feed and stories. And you’ll be added to our internal list of experts who our staff writers contact for comments on developing stories.

Let’s Get Started

If you’d like to propose an article, please send an email to including:

  • Your name, title and a sentence or two that reflect your experience. (No ghost writers, please. We work directly with bylined authors.) Writing samples are welcome.
  • A brief summary (30-50 words) of the story you’d like to propose. Do not submit full articles when proposing a story. Avoid promoting your brand, products or services.
  • Your contact info. We won’t share your phone or email, but our editors will need to contact you.

We will respond within 10 days to discuss the proposal. 

Rights of Use

By submitting your article to Simpler Media Group, Inc. ("SMG", "We" or "Us"), the publisher of the website, you and/or your organization will be granting SMG unlimited rights of use across the Simpler Media Group, Inc. digital channels. If your content is accepted and published, your content will be distributed across our channels, including web, social media, RSS, email, mobile and PDF.

We assume that you have the right to grant the use for all materials you provide. It is your responsibility to verify this prior to submitting any materials for publishing. If you are providing SMG with images, please include a short statement about the related copyright and rights of use.

If you have any questions please direct them to our editors at

News Releases

We welcome timely, on-topic press releases with news about products, industry events, executive changes and M&A within the topic areas we cover. We gladly accept embargoed news releases and will respect the timeline as long as competitors do. Please send releases to

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