Happy holidays out there in CMSWire land. Our gift to you (besides our impeccable journalistic integrity) is a dose of free open source system news. We run this column each and every month, but we don't always capture the spirit of the open source world fully on this page. Fell free to drop us a comment or reply to pr@cmswire.com if you think we've omitted a worthwhile update.


It's been a year since Doug Dennerline took over as CEO of Alfresco, so 2014 could be a big year for the company. It won't likely be IPO big, but we do know Dennerline wants to focus on the company's products, including fundraising in lieu of a public offering. Alfresco has been doing well in the government sector, and January 14 in London there is a meeting of government CIOs and operations directors, called Government ICT. Alfresco is exhibiting at the event.

In the US, Alfresco is sponsoring the CIOSynergy event on January 24, another government IT focused group. John Scully, former Apple CEO (1980s) is giving the afternoon keynote, and CIOs from the US Coast Guard, the FBI, Interpol and the Peace Corps will be presenting as well.


While Alfresco may not be close to a possible IPO, the case may be different for Acquia. As the commercial services provider for the Drupal family of content management tools, Acquia had a pretty good 2013 and could itself be headed for the public markets sooner rather than later. Most recently, Open Atrium, a Drupal based online collaboration system, debuted a 2.0 version, and before that a system called Commerce Cloud debuted to unify social and shopping.

The Acquia team will be in Boston Jan. 30 for a breakfast seminar on creating better digital experiences in the healthcare industry.


The Portland, Ore.-based Concrete5 team has moved into a new office, and it has also added a gamification model to its community page. Developers get points for helping people out, submitting their work or promoting others' work. As for the next major release, v5.7, periodic updates are provided by the Concrete5 Totally Random webcasts, a show the team releases once or twice a month. Concrete5 5.7 has not yet reached an alpha release, but it sounds like the team is hard at work on some core issues. Versions 5.5 and 5.6 were less than a year apart, and a developer snapshot of v5.7 came out this summer, about a year after the 5.6 release.