Big Data TechCon Boston 2013




There has been a lot of talk about Big Data, but not a lot of training on HOW-TO do Big Data. HOW-TO implement it, analyze it, and use it to take actionable steps that affect your business. Enough talking about Big Data, let's DO IT at Big Data TechCon!

Big Data TechCon features practical how-to classes and workshops for IT professionals, including database and business analysts, developers, software architects, data scientists, and project managers. Big Data TechCon is the how-to technical conference for professionals implementing Big Data.

Attend Big Data TechCon, the how-to, practical, and technical conference for collecting, managing and analyzing Big Data within your organization. Big Data is huge. It's growing. It's exciting. Big Data has tremendous potential to transform your organization (and it is transforming your customers, partners and competitors).

Come to Big Data TechCon to learn the best ways to:

  • Collect, sort and store massive quantities of structured and unstructured data
  • Process real-time data pouring into your organization
  • Master Big Data tools and technologies like Hadoop, Map/Reduce and NoSQL databases and more!
  • Learn how to integrate data collection technologies with analysis and business analysis tools to produce the kind of workable information and reports your organization needs!
  • Understand HOW to leverage Big Data to help your organization today
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