DOCUMENT Strategy Forum Connecticut 2012




Overall document performance no longer falls on the shoulders of one department, but it requires an orchestrated enterprise-wide strategy that begins with form design and creation and continues through the remittance and archiving process. It truly requires a Zen-like approach within the enterprise to succeed.

Since 2008, DOCUMENT Strategy Forum has been the only event carrying the torch when it comes to educating and enlightening producers of transactional/customer communication documents. With more and more pressure being put on your organization's most valuable piece of communication, attending an event like this is not a luxury, it's a necessity.

With the business world sitting up and taking notice that their customers have become social and are interacting with the web, each other and the brands they use in ways unimaginable only 10 years ago, it was only a matter of time before they realized the positive impact social business strategies could have.

Businesses of today, no matter what service they are providing, have an opportunity to directly access their customers, actively engage them in record numbers and be exposed to astounding demographic data through ever-growing social media communities – across the board.

The newly expanded conference program including the Social Business & SharePoint Conference will feature seven tracks and more than 50 individual sessions to choose from.

Sessions will range from intense Power Sessions and Case Studies to Panel Discussions and Roundtables all geared to providing customer communication professionals like you, with tactical and mission-critical strategies and solutions to enhance their organizations' overall ease of doing business.

DOCUMENT Strategy Forum is a “can't miss” event designed for anyone who has responsibility for any stage of the customer communications life cycle.

•Forms Design & Processing
•Printing & Production Management
•IT Integration
•Content Management
•Fulfillment Services
•Service Bureau
•Mailing Services & Technology
•Security/Digital Rights

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