Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit Las Vegas 2012




This Summit delivers on today's key applications issues—from understanding the real business value of cloud computing and learning when, why and how to adopt cloud and agile methods, to making your SOA application development more productive, dynamic and simple. Learn from and interact with 30 Gartner analysts, your peers and solution leaders in a variety of formats to drill down into your most critical topics.

Hot topics to be covered:

  • Cloud Computing
  • SOA, WOA and event-driven architecture
  • Application modernization and governance
  • Agile and application life cycle management
  • Data integration, Middleware, and B2B

This year's summit features a new mobile track, deep coverage of cloud recommendations, a complete track on innovation for developers and another on growth and innovation, all designed to help you stay competitive and deliver the new capabilities today's users demand.

We'll also cover fundamentals across application development, integration and architecture, with next steps in SOA, WOA, agile and more, plus a new Gartner for Technical professionals track focused on get-it-done essentials. Join us to craft an application strategy that embraces the new era of fast-paced change and leads the way in a changing business environment.

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