LeanUX NYC 2013




The experience is the brand. The most in-depth, inclusive, Lean User Experience conference for designers, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

The days of relying on a UX Designer for the whole experience are done. Collaboration has won out, and every team member needs to know how to contribute to product development. At LeanUX NYC, entrepreneurs, designers, developers and user experience professionals will learn about the entire product development lifecycle from accomplished practitioners and leaders in the LeanUX Design community. This three-day epic conference will advance your knowledge and skills on UX with theory-informed practice, principles to guide teams, and hands-on workshops. You’ll get expert insight into some of the ways Lean, Kanban and Design Thinking practices are being combined by people already doing it — the real pros, the upper echelon, the ones driving the iterative discovery and development of new products for both startups and enterprises.

Confirmed topics include:

  • Quantitative Analysis for Decision-Making
  • The Lean Company
  • Customer Research Bootcamp
  • Lean Startup for the Digital Agency
  • Design Studio Methodology
  • Fundamentals of Lean Branding
  • Gamestorming for Product Innovation
  • Data Science for Lean Teams
  • An Introduction to Kanban
  • Complexity & Systems Thinking
  • Prototyping with Twitter Bootstrap
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