VentureBeat Mobile Summit California 2013




Even while the mobile industry experiences explosive growth in adoption, the mobile economy still falls short of its potential. To improve mobile revenue and profits for everyone, it’s critical for all of the players in the ecosystem—carriers, operating systems, application developers, chip designers and equipment makers—to find new ways to communicate, collaborate and interact. What new business relationships need to be developed to boost the interactivity between the different layers of the mobile stack and unleash growth across the industry?

The VentureBeat Mobile Summit is the only event that brings together the top executives from all segments of the mobile ecosystem to develop a blueprint for the industry’s growth in the coming year. This April, join 180 CEOs, product executives and application developers as we identify areas in which interoperability across the industry can be improved. You’ll participate in a lively, thought-provoking discussion and collaborate in a series of small working groups to build the cooperation that will unlock value and greater opportunity for the mobile industry as a whole. Key to the event will be 8 working groups:

  • The OS wars are still fragmenting the industry
  • Can mobile monetize?
  • Mobile Commerce – the rise of context and personalization
  • How will we get to 5G?
  • Chips, pipes and the many building blocks of mobile
  • User Interface — the art form of the 21st century
  • The Mobile Internet of Things comes to the factory floor and the living room
  • BYOD (and your own security)

The program revolves around a series of intimate boardroom sessions where all participants collectively work to develop concrete, actionable solutions to the major business and policy challenges facing the industry. Shaping the conversation last year were top representatives from the major carriers, along with leading investors, developers, analysts and the hottest private mobile companies.

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