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Contact Center Reality: Better CX, More Customers

Improving customer experience in the contact center — and keeping the customer — overtook the pursuit of operational gains as the top objectives over the past two years. That's a key takeaway from a recent Aberdeen Group report.

But the real value of the report, "Contact Center Workforce Optimization: Secrets to Unlock Agent Productivity & Performance," is showing how both objectives can work together.

While only 32 percent of respondents cited "improve the quality of customer interactions" as the top objective in the comparable report two years ago, 59 percent gave that response in the current report. The data is based on a survey of 83 businesses.

Aberdeen Group: Customer Service, Marketing Play Nice Together for Best Customer Experience

customer service, digital marketing, aberdeen groupCustomer service deals with customers every day, but marketing sets the tone for selling products or services. Which should lead in managing customer experiences? A new report from the Aberdeen Group points out the benefits of the two departments working together to manage customers who are increasingly empowered to take control of their relationships with companies, and to tell the world about how they were treated. 

Aberdeen Group Surveys Companies Best at Listening to the Customer

shutterstock_121148401.jpg Via social media and other channels, marketing has become a conversation. But what is the customer saying? A new report from the Aberdeen Group attempts to find out. 

Deep Learning Aids Speech Analytics, Voice Recognition - Just the Beginning

Advances in an artificial intelligence technique known as deep learning are helping companies like Microsoft and Nuance create powerful speech analytics and voice recognition software at a much quicker pace than ever before.

Aberdeen Report Identifies Advantages of Engaged Employees

Organizations can gain a competitive advantage by effectively engaging their employees. That’s the key takeaway from a new report by the Aberdeen Group.

Aberdeen Research: Social, Mobile, Cloud Convergence Requires User Experience Focus

Social, mobile and cloud technology are each having an enormous impact on enterprise computing. But the technologies aren’t just having big effect independently: they are converging and providing organizations new opportunities to deliver information and services. With the many benefits also come challenges.

Aberdeen Research: Maximizing Customer Experience Strategies

Aberdeen Group recently released a new report on the tricks of the trade when it comes to Customer Experience Management (CXM) strategy. While not incredibly surprising, the data focused on how the most successful companies use data to effectively boost their brand and solidify their online presence across various channels. It all comes down to get ‘em there; keep ‘em there; do something with 'em.

Aberdeen Report Details the Next Generation of Web CMS

As CMSWire readers know, typical online buyers use a number of different channels to research and make purchase decisions.  Consequently organizations need to find ways to intelligently engage with their customers across channels and in a personalized manner.

According to an Aberdeen's Report (download the PDF), the top two digital channels used to reach customers are the website (60%) and email (47%). Therefore, it would seem that the key to success online is for you to prioritize the delivery of smart content via these two channels. Easier said than done.

With so many different technologies available to provide pieces of this multi-channel puzzle, integration issues are a top concern. As a result, there is increasing pressure to use a web content management system that encompasses much of the needed capabilities. 

According to Aberdeen, the next generation of web content management systems (WCM) need to support the marketer by providing actionable insights that can drive more online engagement. To do this, capabilities such as lead scoring, web analytics, customer relationship management and email marketing need to be tightly integrated into the Web CMS platform.

Combine lead scoring with dynamic content and profiling and you have a platform that can support the online engagement required to reach your customers and make them buy your products and services.

If you want to understand more about the technology challenges facing marketers today and how the next generation of web content management system can resolve some of these challenges, check out the Aberdeen Group's report (hosted by Sitecore) entitled Next Generation WCM: A Comprehensive Assessment of Current Challenges and The Future of WCM.

Aberdeen Says Companies are Safer in the Cloud

Aberdeen_logo_2009.jpgWhile living in the cloud has become a popular option, companies remain skeptical. No matter how many security precautions are provided, when services like SaaS, IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) are offered in the cloud, companies are tentative to employ them.

The Changing Role of Digital Asset Management in Marketing

The Changing Role of Digital Asset Management in Marketing With all the talk of new solutions, new technologies and new versions of technologies, it would be hard to imagine that a considerable number of companies are still having problems with the basics of digital asset management (DAM).

That would appear to be one of the primary conclusions of a new report released by the Aberdeen Group (news, site) for Widen, a provider of web-based digital asset management applications. The report says that only half of Best-in-Class organizations (53%) indicated they currently have searchable access to content.

Web CMS Budgets Increasing But Content is Still King

Web CMS Budgets Increasing But Content is Still KingOkay, so we are already approaching the middle of April and most companies have already decided where they are going to invest and what programs they are going to drop over the course of this year

This probably means that a new survey from the Aberdeen Group (news, site) showing that 42% of those companies surveyed were going to increase Web Content Management budgets this year will probably have little or no effect on decisions that your company has already made – it being April and one third of the way into the year.

However, the survey entitled Maximize Business Results Online: How Web Content Management Technology is Transforming Digital Marketing  does have some interesting figures that might make companies think twice.

Creating Quality Search Engine Marketing

Aberdeen Report:What Does it Take to Create Best-In-Class SEM?

Search engine marketing is one of the key strategies for online marketing. But doing it well still remains elusive to many organizations. The Aberdeen Group interviewed over 200 organizations to find out what it takes to create “best-in-class” search engine marketing.

Using Social Media to Enhance your Sales Effort

Aberdeen Report: Social Media and Sales 2.0

So it is true. We, as consumers, may know more about the competitive landscape for a product we want than the companies that sell that product. And all because we spend a lot of our time on the Internet using a little known thing called social networking.

Alas, it appears that product vendors may have caught on to our evaluation methods because they, too, are now starting to use social media technologies to improve knowledge management and, as a result, their sales figures.

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