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PostUp: Our Email Is Better Than Yours

Email is the best marketing channel. So why not exploit it?

That's PostUp's thinking -- and today it announces an integration company officials claim will work better than anything else.

The email marketing provider has partnered with an email data platform to help its clients manage campaigns, optimize deliverability and analyze results within a single UI "with no technical effort."

Austin, Texas-based PostUp joins the Return Path partner program to bring its clients capabilities that include seed testing, render previews and device detection.

Officials at PostUp called email the "highest ROI of any digital channel."

They said their platform is designed for high volume senders and particularly suited to enterprise publishing, media and entertainment companies. 

Keith Sibson, vice president of product and marketing at PostUp, told CMSWire Return Path is a great fit because it is the "undisputed leader in email deliverability tools and intelligence," a fact Yesmail may dispute. He further claimed PostUp is the first Email Services Provider (ESP) to offer a "comprehensive integration of the Return Path tool set, fully baked into the email platform."

Get Ready for Apple Watch Wearing Employees


1.2 million pre-orders of your newest wearable product in one day, resulting in $627 million on the books is not a bad day’s work.  

While the debates will continue on what the actual sales figures are for Apple Watch and other wearables, the real point is this: Apple Watch is creating a defining moment for wearables, as they cross over from technology gadgets to mass device consumption.

And what’s significant about mass adoption is that, in the age of consumerism, when it happens in the consumer base, enterprise adoption isn't far behind.    

It’s not just about Apple Watch sales, it’s also about the fact that its success will pull competing products into the market. They say a rising tide raises all boats. 

With the April 24 release date rapidly approaching, IT organizations don’t have much time to think through and adjust their policies (unless you plan on disabling Wifi and Bluetooth access on all your iPhones). 

So here are five things to consider when preparing your organization for this first wave of wearables about to bombard your enterprise.

Have You Heard About Exchange Server 2016?

Microsoft has been tight-lipped about its plans for Exchange Server 2016, the on-premises release that it plans to ship in the second half of 2015.

Until last night, that is.

While it won't make the big reveal until Microsoft Ignite kicks off in Chicago early next month, the new release will focus on productivity, collaboration and information governance, according to a blog post by the Microsoft Exchange Team.

The team hinted that many of the changes will be familiar to Office 365 users, noting, "Most of the new features in Exchange Server 2016 were birthed in the cloud and then refined in a feedback loop that includes millions of mailboxes deployed worldwide."

Appcelerator Eyes Big Fish in Mobile App Dev Space

2015-2-April-big fish.jpg

Appcelerator, a Gartner mobile app developer leader, released a platform today that allegedly solves a pain point for mobile developers: integrating data into mobile apps.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based provider released Appcelerator Arrow, a framework for building and running mobile-optimized APIs. The feature is an addition to the two-year-old Appcelerator Platform.

"Data is the slowest, costliest and most complex aspect of mobile development," said Jeff Haynie, CEO of 70-employee Appcelerator, founded in 2006.

"Building a coherent, compelling and rich app experience means orchestrating data from a wide range of backend sources, which right now is Wild West of legacy formats and integration protocols. Arrow eases this data problem for mobile app developers."

Developers, IT Decision Makers Worlds Apart on Mobile


Developers and senior IT decision makers have differing views of mobile maturity and its development in their organizations. That's not surprising.

But this much difference?

Appcelerator, a mobile enterprise platform provider, and IDC recently surveyed 8,010 mobile developers and 121 IT decision makers. They found vastly differing opinions on where mobile is and where it's going.

"Same planet, different world," Brad Hipps, Appcelerator's vice president of marketing, told CMSWire. "They really have diametrically opposed views of what's happening."

Will Dropbox's New Feature Be Enough?


Dropbox wants legitimacy in the Enterprise, and it’s racing to get all the boxes (no pun intended) checked that will win it official entry through company doors. 

To be fair, according to Dropbox for Business product manager Anand Subramani, they already have 4 million users in businesses. We haven’t called any of them to ask if they’re spending a dime on the service; in fact, it would be interesting to know how many of them are personal accounts or shadow IT.

But as we’ve asked workers at large enterprises to try to create accounts on the enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) service, the most common response we get is “it’s blocked.”

Appcelerator Reports: Not all Mobile Devices Expected to Have a Good 2013

With the release of its "IDC Q4 2012 Mobile Developer Report," Appcelerator has announced its mobile predictions for 2013 that stem from trends during the latter half of 2012.

SAP Unveils Real-Time Data Strategy, Acquires Mobile App Provider, New Partners

SAP Unveils Real-Time Data Strategy, Acquires Mobile App Provider, New PartnersWhat a busy week for business solutions provider SAP, which announced the acquisition of enterprise mobile application provider Syclo, partnerships with Adobe, Appcelerator and Sencha, and revealed plans for its real-time data platform, SAP HANA.

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