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Chromebook News & Analysis

Would You Run Your Call Center on Chromebooks? Avaya Thinks So


Avaya claims its Call Center services power a significant share of big call centers.

Among customer call centers with more than 400 agents, it estimates a 63 percent market share. Among call centers with more than 1,000 agents, it estimates a 70 percent share.

So what’s Avaya thinking right now? How does it capture that elusive market segment of call centers with 10 to 250 agents?

Today, the company spun off from Lucent Technologies and Bell Labs in 2000 announced an expanded partnership with Google.

The goal is to target a market segment that Avaya calls “green pastures.”  

That partnership creates a curious technology arrangement where Chromebooks — the class of PC created by Google to run essentially anything that can be run on the web — will become the exclusive device for running the company’s latest OnAvaya cloud-based call center.

Google and HP Introduce New Chromebook 11 For the Mass Market


Recent Chromebooks have been high-end affairs to attract the technorati, but HP's latest offering is firmly at the budget, experimental or student crowd with a modest specification and fun looks for under $280. 

Document Mgt Roll-up: Google Offers Access to Office Docs, Hyland + DocuSign Partner

Chrome Office Viewer beta.jpg Chrome Office Viewer (Beta)

Some interesting new releases this week in the document management space, not least of which is the new ability offered by Google to open and edit Office documents using Chrome. In other news, Hyland and DocuSign have inked a new partnership, Microsoft has outlined the future roadmap for Yammer with some interesting document capabilities and M-Files has been ISO certified. 

IDG: Data Deprived Front-Line Workers Don't Do Deals

State of Informatiion Capital.jpg

Who is accessing what information in the enterprise

While recent research from digital business researchers IDG shows that there is widespread understanding of the importance and capital value of enterprise data, it also shows that there is a much more limited understanding of the information delivery needs of all enterprise workers, and in particular the information needs of customer-facing employees.

Twitter Profile Promotion: #FollowMe

social media, Twitter #FollowMe

To help its users keep track of their most memorable moments and to gain more followers, Twitter has launched a new engagement tool: #FollowMe.

Google Goes Hi-Spec With A New Chromebook Pixel Notebook

cb_pixel_thumb.jpg Google's new addition to the Chromebook range boosts it way out of the cheap-and-functional category into the Ultrabook class of sexy and desirable. But will that be enough to boost uptake of Google and partner's Chrome-powered devices?. 

HP Enters the Chromebook Market, Pavilion-Style for $330

hp_pav_thumb.jpg While HP's Pavilion Chromebook is effectively one of Google's low-spec PCs cased in the usual Pavilion stylings, the message to Microsoft is clear, 'You aren't the only game in town.' And with Chromebook sales on the rise, it could be a smart move as Google's OS gains momentum.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Office for Windows Phone 8, Google's Chromebook Docs

Microsoft shows off Office for Windows Phone 8, Hyland Software announces a new app for Windows 8, and then announces an entire new subsidiary in the UK, while Google makes Docs, Sheets and Slides available for Chromebook. Busy times in the document management industry.

Failure to Launch: Which One of Google, Apple or Microsoft Is In For A Bad Week?

launch_icon.JPG The coming week sees all three OS and hardware players hosting major product launches. Will this season's essential holiday purchase be a Mac Mini, a Surface Tablet, an Ultrabook, a Chromebook or an iPad Mini? Whatever happens at least one player is likely to be sorely disappointed. 


The New Google Chromebook, Low Profile and Low Price

Thumbnail image for chrome-os-logo.jpg It seems an odd time to launch the updated Chromebook, but at least the price is now right and the styling looks okay for those who are comfortable working in an all-cloud environment. 

A Week in Google: Results, APIs, Jelly Bean and Marissa Mayer

android_jellybean.PNGGoogle records rising profits, but even that isn't enough to keep one of its highest profile employees. While, in the trenches, the Pages API is opened up, Android Jelly Bean goes to phone makers and Google's lawyers continue to bargain around the world. 

Google Likely to Release Android 5.0 'Jelly Bean' by Q2

Google Likely to Release Android 5.0 'Jelly Bean by Q2Ice cream may be the dessert of choice for many, but not a lot are getting their taste of Ice Cream Sandwich, at least when it comes to Android devices. But even with the lackluster performance of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the tablet and smartphone market -- or perhaps due to it -- Google is reportedly planning to release its successor, Android 5.0 "Jelly Bean" by the second quarter of this year.

A Look Back at Google in 2011

Google fell under new management this year, and the shake up resulted in some heavy changes. A new idea of what legitimate content should look like, a social network that the company refuses to call a social network, and the loss of an experimental playground are just a few. In case you missed a beat, here's a look back at the highlights.  

Google Polishes Chromebooks, Lowers Prices

Google Chromebooks get an operating system interface facelift and lower pricing, just in time for holiday shoppers.

Google Chromebooks, Now with 'Better' Payment Plans

In an attempt to attract a wider range of businesses and educational establishments, Google has adjusted its Chromebook subscription model to include an annual payment option. 

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