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Week in Review: Salesforce for Sale + Intranet Killers

Salesforce for Sale? 
Marc Benioff may be open to a sale.

No Hope for Social Marketing 
Are the tools more hype than substance?

Spare Me from Grunt Work
Can apps help you save time

Maximize Your Intranet
4 ways to do it.

Avoid Office 365
Well, at least until you think

Manage Those Docs! 
Xerox offers 10 new apps.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce 
15 vendors examined based on 66 criteria

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The Secret to Scaling Engagement with Marketing Automation


Have you heard about growth hacking? What about how that "one weird trick" can result in increased leads?

Success in marketing boils down to a lot of small things done right, every single day. Success synthesizes what the marketing and sales teams know, what the prospect wants and the ability of the demand team to execute.

And there you have it -- the secret of scaling: orchestration, synchronization, execution and discipline.

This is what organizations can accomplish with marketing automation software.

News You Can Use: Salesforce, TCN, OutSystems

The latest in tools, add-ons and surveys from the Friendly State, Don’t Call it Frisco and A-Town.

Could StepOne's CX Solutions Close the Multichannel Divide?

Weaving together the fragmented customer experience across various channels is a daily challenge for today’s digital marketers.

But StepOne, with the release of three new customer experience solutions, hopes to change this.

Using machine learning and predictive analytics, the new solutions – which include post-retail engagement, order fulfillment and customer onboarding and personalized self-help – address the gap between online and offline experiences, the company noted.

How to Plan an Email Marketing Launch

You have to love the value email marketing can bring. Its purpose – whether to announce a sales event, share news or introduce a new product — is universally understood from your neighbor down the street to the clients and customers who are still reluctant to own a Facebook account.

Email marketing gives small business owners an intimate way to reach the “everyone else” of their market. And that’s where its power lives.

But not all email marketing is created equal. Spam arrives there just as much as valued email. So where do small business owners start in tweaking an email marketing campaign to capture what is most important?

A True CMO Focuses on Business Results


In many organizations, the marketing function is still viewed as a cost center instead of a revenue driver. Part of the reason is inertial, formed from years when top marketing executives ran departments instead of taking responsibility for their businesses.

But these days, plenty of CMOs say that thinking and acting like a business leader is the single most important driver for their success. Key to this approach is a focus on business results. 

Social Media Marketing Tools Aren't Cutting It


Forrester Research called out Social Relationship Platform (SRP) vendors for not providing what digital marketers really want.

A platform that says what to post and when. A platform that measures performance.

With all the hype over social media marketing, Forrester researchers said few SRP platforms share data with "trusted measurement tools" or tell brands what to post and when. They are good at, however, saving marketers time as they manage multiple social media accounts.

"The biggest need many organizations face with social media monitoring is mining truly useful data," said Cappy Popp, principal and co-founder of Thought Labs, a digital marketing agency out of Boston. "Many organizations still shortsightedly isolate social media metrics instead of integrating them with their other company-wide metrics. Such integration takes planning, internal collaboration, strong communication skills and deep understanding of social media."

Is Salesforce For Sale?

Did you hear the one about selling itself to a competitor? It's not a joke, at least according to news reports that sent shock waves through the technology world Wednesday.

The company that transformed CRM from an acronym to a ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange is toying with the idea of an acquisition Bloomberg reported. Specifically, reporters Alex Sherman and Cory Johnson noted Salesforce is apparently "working with financial advisers to help it field takeover offers after being approached by a potential acquirer."

While the potential suitor was not named, one thing is clear: the buyer would need extraordinarily deep pockets since Salesforce has a $49 billion market cap. That puts the spotlight on several companies, including Microsoft, SAP, IBM — and one especially close to the heart of Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, Oracle.

And here's something else. Benioff has been steadily selling stock. In the past month, he's reduced his outstanding common shares from more than 37.937 million to 37.675 million yesterday, according to documents filed with the US Securities and Exchange Commission

Shares surged 13.5 percent in late trade yesterday on news of the rumored takeover.

Treat Your Customers as You Treat Your Friends


Your customers are the only thing keeping you in business. So, what are you doing to make sure they're satisfied with the service you provide? It's just not enough anymore to offer a great product with a low price -- customers are more than happy to go elsewhere if your customer service isn't up to their standards.

There's a load of theories on customer retention and how to attract new customers, most of which are backed up by solid research, but have you ever thought about taking a simpler approach to keeping your customers happy?

Want to Know the Top CX Trends? [Infographic]

Marketers are so focused on providing personalization and trying to make the customer experience just right that they may be ignoring the very people they want to please.

A new customer experience trends report and infographic released by InMoment reveals that while customers do appreciate the personalized touches that brands create for them, they are much more interested in providing value back to the company.

Where You Need to Be in Coming Weeks (29-April-15)

Our industry event planner gives you the heads-up on what key industry events are coming around the corner. If we've missed something, don't hesitate to add your event to the list. (You can also view the full calendar here.)

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Email Marketing Is Dead? Long Live Email Marketing?

As a stand-alone application, email marketing is all but dead.

As an integral part of a robust CRM system, email marketing is not only alive but also thriving.

For the past five years or more, email marketing has been in a state of flux, with applications 1) adding new features to better compete with social media; 2) being acquired by CRM vendors to bolster their suite of customer service and marketing menu offerings; 3) falling prey to the forces of consolidation; or 4) some combination of all four.

So it goes with Bronto, a well-known email-marketing vendor that was snapped up by the mid-market software provider NetSuite last week for $200 million.

Experiences: The 7th Era of Marketing


Avid travelers have a unique lifestyle. They’re curious. They’re adventurous. And most of all, they value the experience of travel.

Marriott sells hotel rooms. Or does it?

Marriott is one of just a few companies evolving its marketing focus when it comes to engaging audiences. The brand launched an original content studio that creates content that informs, entertains and adds value to travel lifestyle consumers. It's building worldwide communities of people passionate about travel that will drive commerce to the company’s hotels.

This is one example of how companies are shifting into the next era of marketing -- the era in which marketers use content to build audiences by creating differentiating experiences. In Marriott’s case, it understands the need for a formalized process to create, manage, organize and measure a portfolio of content experiences -- a key to stand out in today’s always-on, hyper-connected world.

Go Big, Go Fast with Short-Term Campaigns


Not too long ago the idea of cloud services as a utility encountered the skepticism of many in IT who had seen too many "Next Big Things" fail to make it beyond the "Next Big Buzzword" stage. Among the skeptics were a number who had themselves led innovation in IT.

Most have recanted. It's become harder to argue with the economies of scale, depth of expertise and range of services cloud providers can muster and pass on to their subscribers.

Warby Parker CEO: Great CX Starts With Happy Employees

2015-27-April-neil-blumenthal .jpg

I wear glasses ... and have always been frustrated by the exorbitant cost of both frames and lenses. So I was happy when I had the chance to meet Neil Blumenthal, co-founder and co-CEO of Warby Parker, a lifestyle brand with a lofty objective: to offer designer eyewear at a reasonable price while conducting business in a socially-conscious way.

Warby Parker retails frames and prescription lenses for $95, what is arguably a fraction of the cost of comparable glasses.

And for every pair sold, a pair of glasses is distributed to someone in need in the developing world. Working with an established non-profit, Warby Parker has distributed more than one million pairs of glasses to people in need. 

As both a businessman and an eyeglass wearer, I've long been intrigued by the company's products, business strategy and, truth be told, its very cool location on Greene Street in downtown New York City.

Blumenthal received an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in 2010. Next month, he and Warby Parker co-founder and co-CEO Dave Gilboa — a fellow Wharton MBA alumni — will be the featured speakers at the School’s MBA graduation in Philadelphia.

Geoff Garrett, Dean of the Wharton School, said the duo "embody the spirit of Wharton – to do well and to do good."

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