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Top 5 Marketing Tech Predictions for 2014

Top 5 Marketing Tech Predictions for 2014Technology adoption has become a competitive differentiator for CMOs who strive to out-innovate their competitors. There is so much opportunity for brands to strengthen consumer engagement through their digital channels. So, with 2014 upon us, it’s time to look at how websites and digital experiences will change in the year to come. What is the future of the branded website? How will technology change customers’ online shopping experience?

Forrester Analyst: Don't Wait to Jump into B2B E-Commerce

Be more like Google. And while you’re at it, be more like Amazon.

B2B companies that don’t heed that kind of advice are destined to lag.  To thrive, they have to invest as much energy and resources in e-commerce as leading consumer companies have invested in B2C, a Forrester analyst and senior executive at a software provider told

Investments in Testing, Optimization Pays Off for Large E-Commerce Sites

e-commerce bounce rates.jpg

Large e-commerce sites have "deciphered some very successful formulas for giving users what they want," according to a new benchmark report from ClickTale, a provider of customer experience analytics and web analytics services.

Chalk it up to higher investments in testing and optimization -- and their abilities to attract higher shares of returning visitors.

Oracle Commerce, Social + Eloqua Integration Update #oow13

Oracle Commerce, Social + Eloqua Integration Update #oow13Larry Ellison may have embraced the cloud, but the reality is it still takes at least a year or more to integrate complex enterprise technology, and we've got updates on the status of tools like ATG Web Commerce, Eloqua, Vitrue and Involver.

iAPPS Debuts WebStore Express for Building eCommerce Websites

iAPPS Debuts WebStore Express for Building eCommerce Websites

Organizations looking to build responsive, mobile friendly shopping websites now have an option to do so with the iAPPS Webstore Express, a templated eCommerce site building model from Brideline Digital.

Google Product Listing Ads Show their Worth for Retailers

Google Product Listing Ads Show their Worth for Retailers

As of May 2013, over one billion products were being promoted globally on Google Shopping, and Product Listing Ads have increasingly gotten even more valuable for retailers since the company’s pay to play model went global in June 2012.

Mobile Ecommerce Growing 2x Faster than Traditional Channels

Mobile Ecommerce Growing 2x Faster than Traditional ChannelsA comScore report has found mobile ecommerce is growing twice as fast as with traditional ecommerce, and one out of every 10 ecommerce dollars is now spent on either a smartphone or tablet.

hybris, Accenture Agree to E-Commerce Partnership

hybris, Accenture Agree to E-Commerce Partnership 
Consulting firm Accenture has partnered up with hybris, to combine its marketing and customer experience expertise with the hybris ecommerce system offering customers an all in one technology and implementation system.

Yahoo Acquires Lexity For Small-Biz Ecommerce Tools


Yahoo's wallet remains firmly open as it picks up yet another company (at least its third this month), this time focusing on the small business offerings of Lexity to expand its ecommerce range. 

Customer Experiences: When Online and Real-World Shopping Cross Paths

When Online and Real World Shopping Cross Paths.jpg
Online content, in store: TigerLogic's Postano on a screen at Nine West.

Consumers now have access to the Net wherever they go, and their customer experience extends from everywhere to almost everywhere. With online shopping blending into offline, pinged customer experience management provider Empathica and enterprise data management/app development provider TigerLogic for their insights. 

Gartner Magic Quadrant for E-Commerce Keeps IBM, Oracle + Hybris as Leaders

Over the last two years, Gartner considers the ecommerce space to still be dominated by the same leaders named in its last Magic Quadrant report, namely IBM, Oracle and hybris.

ClickTale Secures US $17M in Funding for Product Development


In-Page Analytics innovator, ClickTale has received US $17 million from Amadeus Capital Partners to invigorate product development and company expansion.

How Video Attracts and Educates e-Commerce Customers

Videos have proven to be a good marketing tool, but for e-Commerce websites, they can be used in a more interactive and educational manner and add to the shopping experience.

Facebook App of the Week: Social Media Campaigns with Constant Contact

During the month of February at CMSWire our theme is "Better Web Experiences with Marketing Automation" and with that in mind our Facebook App of the Week is Constant Contact, a marketing automation tool.

In 2013 I Wish ...


In 2013 I wish that businesses would take a moment to realize the wealth of technology and capability that they already have. The technology platforms they buy have so many untapped and unused features that can help plug holes and fulfill needs that are acutely felt every day. Too many businesses get enamored with the shiny new software pitched by that year's sales rep while missing out on the ROI and efficiency and expertise that lies latent and waiting.
In 2013 I wish that organizations would take a moment to inventory the expertise, tools, best practices and insight that is freely available on the web. From whitepapers to freemium software to graphics to templates for everything from expense reports to business plans, the World Wide Web abounds with the answer to any question you have if only you'll invest the time to find and read and use it. The information you seek is out there, usually for free. Tap into that resource and enjoy an amazingly prosperous 2013! -- Billy Cripe, Founder and Principal BloomThinker of BloomThink


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