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Businesses Should Drink from the Firehose of Data, Report Says

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The growing need to quickly employ big data to gain business advantage is a big deal, according to a new report from the Economist Intelligence Unit.

The SAP-sponsored report “The Power of Fast Data” relies on surveys of more than 750 senior executives worldwide. Conducted in 2012 and 2013, the survey assessed the abilities of companies to analyze data sets, use data to identify trends, discover data-driven insights and act on them.

New Report: Marketers Don't Understand Customers, Need Better Data Analysis

Digital Marketing Report from Lyris, EIU
From the Lyris/EIU report, Mind the Marketing Gap

Digital marketers know what consumers want, right? Not according to a new report from data-driven marketing provider Lyris, which found that marketers are not effectively using Big Data to correct their misunderstandings. But the report also raises some questions about its own conclusions, resulting in a disclaimer by the survey-taker. 

Economist Survey Shows Training, Skills Building and Executive Leadership are Key to Unlocking Big Data

What are the characteristics of a data-driven business? A new global survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by Tableau Software, of more than 500 C-level and senior business executives sought to examine exactly that.

The Power of In-Person Collaboration, Downfall of Conversation

Recently there’s been a lot of buzz about how technology has limited how we share, discuss and engage with others. In short, we don’t have enough real conversations. And when we do it, we’re not fully engaged. Whether you agree or not, the enterprise still values in-person communication. A new survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Cisco shows that in-person collaboration has many benefits that may promote innovation and customer relationships.

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