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Eprize News & Analysis

ePrize Launches Facebook Analytics Service to Focus Marketing Campaigns

Is social media worth the expense and effort? The answer to that question depends on the results, and the results depend on the data analytics. To help marketers make sense of social data, digital engagement provider ePrize has unveiled a new social analytics reporting service based on Facebook information.

ePrize Passbook Integration Helps Marketers Reward Customers On the Go

ePrize, providers of online promotions and contests, has announced its integration into Apple's Passbook app for mobile access to rewards, contest offerings, coupons and loyalty programs.

Apple Threatens App Cheats as iPhone Racks up Sales and iPad Enters Parliament

applelogo.pngA whole bag of Apple-related news snippets have flooded in from various places today, as the company deals with the price of market success, app store shenanigans and the risk of being road-tested by those ultimate fuddy-duddies, British Parliamentarians. Oh, and something called the iPad 3 might be happening soon. 

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