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10 Ways to Secure Office 365


Security. If there's one thing that concerns organizations contemplating a move of their data to the cloud, or that are already there, it's security. With new threats being introduced on a regular basis, organizations need to use all the tools they have at their disposal to secure their data.

Brian Reid of NBConsult presented a session at Microsoft Ignite called 10 Ways to Secure Your Office 365 Tenants. In it, Reid explained at length the 10 security features available (or soon to be available) to organizations using Office 365.

Is Docker Convoluting OpenStack Data Centers?


“Just because you can start using containers doesn’t mean that you should,” said the lone woman on the OpenStack panel of experts. She is Caroline McCrory, vice president of business development for Cloudsoft, a cloud orchestration platform maker.

But McCrory isn't alone. She's just one among a growing chorus of OpenStack professionals who have doubts about the pervasive influence of Docker, the containerization technology whose disruptive affect has already metamorphosed some of the world’s major data centers.

Goodbye, Hello Office 365?

Microsoft is making good on hints it revealed at its Ignite conference earlier this month: It's moving its email service closer to its other productivity apps, notably Office 365. will run on Office 365 technology with an Office 365 interface, Microsoft announced today.

Alfresco Brings BPM, ECM Closer Together

Alfresco has taken another step to close the gap between its enterprise content management platform (ECM) and its business process management (BPM) offering.

It's enhancing both platforms — Alfresco One and  Activiti — with the release of new modules for analytics and media management and upgraded BPM capabilities.

Demystifying the New Migration API for SharePoint


One of the most anticipated presentations of this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference was the “Migration to SharePoint Online Best Practices and New API Investments” session. As surprising as it may seem, this is the first time Microsoft has released an API that is specifically aimed at on-boarding content into SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business. Because my company began involvement with the new migration API in October 2014, I found the presentation especially interesting. 

There's a New Guy in Charge at Dropbox for Biz

Dropbox for Business has received its share of criticism for not understanding the enterprise, but the critics might have to turn it down a notch now. That’s because former senior director of product management at VMWare, Rob Baesman, who spent almost a decade with the company, is now leading the charge at the Enterprise File Sync and Share (EFSS) provider.

Ilya Fushman, whom Baesman replaces, has flown the coup to become a general partner at Index Ventures, which is an investor in Dropbox. It goes almost without saying that Fushman will be an advisor to his former employer which is now valued at $10 billion.

Multicloud Identity Isn't Ready for Prime Time


The keynote address Monday at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver — where the world’s data center admins and engineers discuss the evolution of the data center — was ostensibly about “Connecting the Clouds to Create Huge Value.”

The idea is this: If various cloud service providers (CSPs) and on-premise data centers shared identity and access management, then end users could conduct business using huge data assets and never have to know they’re working with a half-dozen or so CSPs.

Monday’s demo seemed to make that point reasonably well. It involved a simulated movie production unit whose interests included sharing terabytes of video data securely, across clouds stationed on multiple continents, without their edits becoming the sneak preview feature on a torrent site hosted on some offshore oil rig.

“The way that TV and film [are] made is changing dramatically,” said Jonathan Bryce, the OpenStack Foundation’s executive director, in opening up this week’s Summit. He presented a graph showing the rapid growth of the film production industries in Africa and Asia, and explained that for each 44 minutes of finished content produced for television, enough footage may exist for 216,000 minutes if played sequentially end-to-end.

Borrowing Bryce’s math, that’s about 2,461 TB of video files, per program. (Add commercials and you’re probably quadrupling that figure.)

Do Your Chores: Clean Out Your Data


It’s that time of year when everyone opens up their windows and cleans out the grit and grime. And businesses are no different.

Businesses must do their own spring cleaning -- of their content. Among the valuable information are thousands -- if not tens of thousands -- of documents that are Redundant, Obsolete and Trivial (ROT).

Where You Need to Be in Coming Weeks (20-May-15)

Our industry event planner gives you the heads-up on what key industry events are coming around the corner. If we've missed something, don't hesitate to add your event to the list. (You can also view the full calendar here.)

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Microsoft Beats Amazon in Cloud Storage [Infographic]

Think Microsoft has been making ground in the file storage space? You're right.

Recent research from Nasuni, a cloud storage management company, shows Microsoft Azure beats Amazon Web Services S3 and Google Cloud Storage in the enterprise storage space.

Red Hat Bundles OpenStack Cloud Platforms

The distinction between an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform and a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) platform used to be clear and consistent.

You would deploy services on an IaaS that you would otherwise deploy on your own servers, whereas you would produce custom applications to be run from a PaaS.

In recent months, that distinction has grown fuzzier, especially with enterprises deploying OpenStack-based hybrid cloud platforms that include language interpreters. 

In a clear effort to sew up customers’ options into a single brand yesterday, Red Hat announced its intention to “integrate” its cloud infrastructure and its cloud application platform into a single Cloud Suite for Applications, beginning with an early access program for first adopters.

Fixing Your Shared Drive Problem


One thing that came through loud and clear in the lively debate over my last post was that people are puzzled how to address their shared drive mess without involving massive amounts of human effort to accomplish the task. 

We’ve been hearing for years how so-called auto classification software was going to be the silver bullet answer to our information management woes -- and they’ve been far from it. But rather than focussing on the complexities of auto classification tools and techniques, let's discuss some of the most basic tools and techniques to begin addressing your shared drive mess. In most cases this will get you reductions of 20 to 30 percent, but it can get you as much as 70 to 80 percent, depending on your organization’s information management practices.

Why You Should Get VMware-Certified, Now

You're a networking engineer. You work for a great company with great benefits. You have a solid 10 to 15 years of experience behind you and you know you could get another position by making a few phone calls. Life is good.

So should you throw your work-life balance off kilter by spending the next year or two studying in your off hours to get VMware-certified so you can work on virtualized networks, servers, desktops and even networks?


Dropbox for Biz Raises Its Privacy and Security Play


When we think of companies that set the bar for security and privacy, Dropbox may not be the first that comes to mind. But it may be one of the leaders in the industry, at least if today’s announcement is an indication.

This morning the file sharing and collaboration service is announcing a major milestone in that area, according to Patrick Heim, head of trust and security at Dropbox. What is it? Certification for ISO 27018 — a new standard for privacy first published last August.

“We saw an opportunity to lead in this space and demonstrate our commitment to user trust,” Heim told us during a pre-announcement interview. He added that Dropbox is among the first companies to achieve this certification.

And when Heim used the word “lead” he wasn’t talking specifically about the file sharing or EFSS space, but industry leadership in cloud. Consider that Microsoft (Azure and Office 365) was the first to become certified in ISO 27018. And that was only a few months ago.

Colligo Opens Up Engage Platform to Developers

Colligo announced the launch of a new developer program for its Engage platform during the Ignite conference that will open up its software developer kit (SDK) for client side apps. 

Developers will be able to build apps for any device on top of Engage in an effort to increase user engagement while offering greater control for the IT department in how enterprise content is managed and monitored.

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