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My Recipe for a Perfect Intranet

How to Build the Perfect IntranetIs it possible to build the perfect intranet? Like any project, there will be a unique set of requirements that dictate the exact nature of the solution -- things like integrating with line of business systems or mimicking a corporate website look and feel. But intranet design is now a mature enough discipline that I think it is possible to break down the "perfect" intranet into a number of key areas.

Forrester: Project Design Lessons from Ally Bank, PwC Australia


Can the successful development of a B2C mobile app and a B2B intranet provide best practices for interactive projects? A report from industry research firm Forrester claims they can.

The two projects described in “Design Lessons from Forrester’s 2013 Outside In Award Winners” took the top prizes in the customer experience design category at the company’s first annual Outside In Awards.

  • Ally Bank used a rapid iterative process over nine-weeks to design and test a mobile app.
  • PwC Australia, a B2B professional services company offering assurance, tax and advisory services, redesigned and rebuilt its employee intranet.

2013 in Review: Intranet Deja Vu All Over Again

Intranet talk appears to be on a three-year hamster wheel in which we have come full circle. So what is it that causes this cycle? It may be caused by the failure of intranet professionals to point to the higher ground  — an integrated and holistic employee experience strategy. Isn't it about time to stop vacillating between concepts that are barely discernible from one another (e.g., ESNs, Intranets, employee portals, etc) and reach for the higher goal?

How To Measure the Value of Internal Communications [Infographic]

All month long, we've been investigating the company intranet. We've defined it, considered its relevancy and secrets for strategic success, as well as examined a possible intranet identity crisis. But how do you measure its value — that is, how do you know if your intranet is working? 

Microsoft Abandons Controversial Employee Review System

Microsoft is abandoning its controversial stack ranking employee review and compensation system, which encourages workers to compete rather than work collaboratively. The move comes just months before Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer plans to retire.

If you were cynical, you might think the review system and Ballmer's imminent departure are related. Is Ballmer unwilling to review his controversial 13-year tenure at the helm? Maybe, but it is probably pushing the analysis of this change a little too far.

The So-Called Evolution of SharePoint [Infographic]

SharePoint has come a long way baby -- or has it? True, more companies are using Microsoft's web application platform than ever before and it might even be a household name, depending on the circles you run in, but has SharePoint really evolved? 

tibbr Meetings Debuts: Choose from Skype, WebEx or Google Hangouts

tibbr Meetings Debuts: Choose from Skype, WebEx or Google HangoutsEnterprise collaboration system tibbr has debuted a feature called Meetings, and it allows people to launch a videoconference using Skype, WebEx or Google Hangouts right from within an activity stream.

3 Steps to a Great SharePoint Intranet

SharePoint is great, but not everyone knows how best to use this formidable platform to build the system that they want. Take the humble Intranet.

Struggling with Content Marketing? Here's What to Do Now

Chances are pretty darn good you’re already a content marketer. But do you find yourself sometimes hitting a wall?

In 2013 I Wish ...


That stakeholders be brave and bold. We’re on the cusp of a new era in Information Management.
There are things to innovate and to discover that no one has ever seen or ever worked with before.
So while you have to pace yourself, you also need to recognize that these moments don’t last. This is the opportunity to catch the wave while it’s here. -- Virginia Backaitis

Why You Don't Want an Agency Managing Your B2B Social Marketing

Agencies do great work. So, this post is not meant to be a rant on them at all ...

Mozilla Firefox Incorporates Facebook Messenger Sidebar

Facebook has partnered with Mozilla Firefox to integrate its messenger tool directly into the web browser’s interface.

Technology to Solve the Problems of Technology #DEMO2012

We're all familiar with the pitfalls of the proliferation of information. Massive quantities of competing programs and platforms leads to an overwhelming over-saturation of media. Battling operating systems and hardware lead to endless issues with connectivity and compatibility. The majority of the new technology being presented at DEMO Conference present themselves as a solution to those woes.  

[VIDEO] Live from #AdobeSummit a Customer Experience Conversation with David Nuescheler

Today is day one of the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit, bringing together around 4000 online marketers, technologists and ecosystem players. Kicking off the day today Adobe announced the latest release of their Web Experience Management platform, and this afternoon we had a chance to chat with VP of Enterprise Technology, David Nuescheler, about the CQ 5.5 release, the Adobe product roadmap, how DAM is changing digital marketing team relationships, Adobe's new Web Experience Management (WEM) in the cloud and what challenges are shaping the industry in 2012. Here are some video extracts from our chat.

Bring Your Own Data Retention Policy: Recommendations for Employees

As we enter a new Bring Your Own Device era, the line between personal and corporate data is becoming more blurred. With more consumers becoming more proactive about protecting their information across social media and mobile devices and becoming more in tune to how their information is being protected (or not), we at CMSWire were curious how consumers' own data retention behaviors are affecting how companies manage data.

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