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Best Practices, Social Business Strategies Abound at J. Boye 2012 Philadelphia #jboye12

j.boye 2012small.pngIn a few weeks (May 8-10), many web and intranet professionals will gather in Philadelphia for the J.Boye conference at which they’ll learn how to turn digital challenges into successful projects. Whether it’s best practices for Intranets, tips to drive user adoption, or web strategy and governance, there’s something for everyone. Yours truly will also be presenting about how to manage engage across web, mobile and social media channels.

A Focus on Social Business & Digital Marketing Strategies #jboye11

The Denmark based internet conference import, J Boye, has concluded its 2011 conference in Philadelphia, PA. Attendees from multiple countries, met, networked, discussed and were educated on how to leverage emerging technologies to construct their tactical and strategic plans. Most participants were just happy to learn that others are having the exact same challenges as them.

Kicking Off J Boye with Web Analytics and a Web Idol Contest #jboye11

j_boye.pngInternet and intranet professionals will have an opportunity to share ideas in a non-vendor environment at the first day of J.Boye Philadelphia 2011 Conference. The content filled conference offers participants 60 speakers, 8 tracks, 8 three-hour tutorials and the opportunity to network with peers from all over the world.

Catch Early Bird Discount for J. Boye Philly Before It Flies Away

Early Bird Discount for J. Boye Philly Ends This Weekend

And it eventually will fly away. In less than a week, to be exact. Worry not, we have a discount code for our readers to make it even more fun and affordable. J. Boye Philadelphia 2010 is one of the content management events you don't want to miss.

#jboye10 Call for Speakers for WCM Track

#jboye10 Call for Speakers

Time flies. It seems like it was just a little while ago that we covered the J. Boye 09 Conference in Aarhus in all its splendor. Soon the J. Boye crew is coming to our side of the pond.

The U.S. edition of the J. Boye Conference is scheduled for May 4-6, 2010, in Philadelphia.

The 3-day conference program is shaping up pretty well (check it out here) around the following tracks:

  • Higher education
  • Intranet
  • Online communication
  • Online health
  • Online strategy
  • User experience
  • Web content management
  • Web project management

Feel like contributing and sharing your Web CMS expertise and experiences? J. Boye still has a few speaking spots available for those of you who have a WCM case study to present.

If Web Content Management is not your thing, check out other tracks for case study presentation opportunities, or Online Health and Higher Education tracks that also have speaking openings.

Send your proposal, don’t miss the opportunity to be on this list.

#jboye09 8 Key Trends in Web Content Management Architecture and Standards

#jboye09 Top 8 Trends in Web Content Management Architecture and Standards

On the last day of the J. Boye 2009 Conference, Aarhus heard its mayor’s plea and slightly warmed/dried up. The event folk exclaimed, “It’s almost summer!”

The rather standard for this time of the year weather was followed by the web content management standards talk. David Nüscheler, the CTO of Day Software, presented his take on the top WCM trends for 2010 from the architecture and standards standpoint.

#jboy09 Pre Web Idol Competition Consternation

Here at J Boye 2009 the Web Idol competition is about to start. In the line-up we have 23 Video, e-Spirit, Kapow Technologies, Microsoft, Sitecore and TERMINAL Four.

JBoye09 Web Idol
J Boye '09 -- Web Idol Contestants Exhibiting Pre-Contest Commencement Consternation

For those unfamiliar with the concept, Web Idol is a semi-serious but mostly humorous event loosely based on the extremely popular (with people we don’t know) American Idol TV show.

The event is a fast-paced set of competitive demos. Select vendors present short demonstrations of their products, showing-off their fanciest features -- often the stuff most recently developed. For those that prefer succinct, comparative presentations to long-winded demonstrations, this is a session for you.

The judging is done by an expert panel of judges who primarily offer pithy commentary, but it's the audience who holds voting power over the final outcome.

[UPDATE: The votes have been tallied. It was TERMINAL Four in 3rd place, 23 Video in 2nd place and Sitecore who has taken home the massively awkward 1st prize trophy. Congrats to all for an entertaining reprieve from serious thinking.]

See more J Boye 2009 coverage:


#jboye09 Persuasion: How to Make Your Media More Persuasive

I'm here in sunny Denmark attending the 2009 J Boye conference where the presenters dig into many subjects, but one of my personal standouts is psychologist BJ Fogg of Stanford University's Persuasive Technology lab. Fogg is jazzed-up about how technology is used to influence our behavior. This has been his particular obsession since 1993 and by the looks of it -- in our age of social media platforms -- he's hit his stride.

Forget trying to modify attitudes, he says, this is too difficult to measure and may not lead to behavior change. Focus on modifying behavior -- it's measurable and closer to your real goals. This is how Fogg kicked-off the morning. Here's how he says you can do it.

#jboye09: Selecting a CMS - Pitfalls and Best Practices

#jboye09: Selecting a CMS - Pitfalls and Best Practices

We’re live from the City of Smiles, where the J. Boye conference kicked off today in Aarhus, Denmark. The first day is the Tutorial Day with topics ranging from content strategy and governance to persuading people with digital content.

One of the tutorials -- CMS selection: the process, the pitfalls and the best practices -- was presented by analysts Jarrod Gingras of CMS Watch and Peter Sejersen of J. Boye.

The session was prefaced with a statement that there’s no perfect system. Making your CMS requirements too special may make it nearly impossible to find a system that will fit them.

J. Boye Aarhus Event Stacked with Interesting Speakers, Tutorials

The J. Boye Aarhus Conference is just around the corner. If you are headed there to soak up some new knowledge, by the looks of things you won't be disappointed.

Although originally a conference dedicated to content management topics, the gathering has evolved to include web strategy, user experience, online communications, information governance and more.

Experts in the Field

The list of speakers is lead by the opening keynote Design for Behavior Change: Why Facebook & Twitter Are Winning by BJ Fogg. Fogg is a researcher from Standford University where he has done cutting-edge research on the persuasive powers of software. He is listed as one of CNN's 10 new Gurus Your Should Know. Snazzy, eh?

Fogg's keynote focuses on how technology such as mobile and social media is influencing human behavior. Fogg will explain how three elements --  motivation, ability and triggers -- combine to influence human behavior and how social media sites like Twitter and Facebook leverage these elements.

The J.Boye Conference in Aarhus is gathering of practitioners. This means that many of the speakers come directly from the trenches and speak to you plainly about what they've learned. Some of the notable names include: Bob Boiko, author of Laughing at the CIO and The Content Management Bible, Shawn Shell, SharePoint Expert and Jane McConnell, Intranet and portal strategy specialist.

Sessions and Tutorials

If the speakers aren't enough to entice, the tutorials and sessions should be. Included in these are:

  • Persuading People with Digital Media tutorial with BJ Fogg.
  • Two SharePoint tutorials: A governance perspective with Martin White, and Managing a Successful SharePoint Project with Shawn Shell.
  • And if you are going to learn more about Intranets, then you will want to attend Jane McConnell's tutorial, Intranet Governance: a powerful tool, where she will reveal for the first time the results of her company's 4th annual Global Intranet Strategies Survey.

Sessions run the gamut from Content Management Marketplace and Trends to Intranet governance, to social media, to a number of actual case studies and much more.

Taking place November 4th - 6th, the J Boye event is packed with best practices, lessons learned and advice from industry experts. If you haven't already registered, it's time to do so.

Macromedia Founder to Keynote J Boye Aarhus

Macromedia Founder to Keynote J Boye Arhus Janus Boye, the managing director of the J. Boye Conference for Online Professionals, makes a valuable point: "It's cheaper to share knowledge than to buy it!"

Oh so very right he is. At this year's conference in Aarhus, you can catch Marc Canter, founder of Macromedia, as he presents "How To Build a Digital City" during the conference's keynote. The presentation will cover how to develop a software infrastructure without being locked into proprietary solutions. Additionally, speaker BJ Fogg, researcher and innovator at Stanford University, will touch on the success of some familiar names like Facebook and Twitter in his own keynote.

The conference is three days long and will include more than 50 world class speakers (see detailed information here). If you're bursting at the seams with excitement and can't believe November 3rd is still over two months away, you can quench your thirst by heading over to the pre-conference discussions here.

J Boye: Gruenauer, Spencer Win J. Boye Overflight Awards

At the J. Boye Philadelphia 2009 conference, Wienerberger's Volker Gruenauer was awarded the Overflight Award for the best presentation of the event. An interactive marketer at Wienerberger -- the Austria-based largest brick manufacturer in the world -- Gruenauer designed and deployed a customer-centered web presence that transformed Wienerberger's business even in a tough economy for builders.

A second-place award was given to Donna Spencer, author of the new book Card Sorting from Rosenfeld Media and a respected information architecture practitioner with MaadMob in Australia.

The Overflight Award is given to J. Boye conference presentations that are highly credible -- from fresh voices or perspectives to the discipline of information management -- and are rooted in actual accomplishments, such as projects that have been built and that are "take it home and do it Monday" practical.

Special consideration was given to those presentations that were likely to have a lasting effect on the field.

A panel of industry experts selected the winners, who received trophies and an additional cash prize for first place.

J Boye: Oxford University Brings CMS Change to Tradition

The libraries at Oxford University are the heart of one of the oldest organizations in the world. Oxford's centuries of immutable traditions aren't just old musty rituals that get in the way: they're the reason Oxford has persisted even as so many other institutions have perished. But what if change is essential or even critical? At the J. Boye Philadelphia 2009 conference, the OULS, or Oxford University Library System, gave a presentation on how they'd managed to unite forty separate libraries under a shared portal. However did they do it?

J Boye: User Experience and Portals, The Good and the Bad

Shibani Kapoor, human factors engineer for Intel, was at the the J. Boye Conference this week. She described the many user experience benefits of consolidating a multinational intranet into a single portal -- and some unexpected challenges.

J Boye: Web Analytics and User Experience, A Match Made in Heaven?

J. Boye Conference Philly 2009:Web Analytics and User Experience: A Match Made in Heaven?At the 2009 J. Boye Philadelphia conference, Lou Rosenfeld, co-author of 'the polar bear book' on information architecture and principal of Rosenfeld Media, called for web analysts and user experience people to work more closely together. The result? A solid basis for identifying the right design questions, and the power of surprise and vision brought to data.

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