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Office 365 Dominance Grows with New Markets

2014-11-05 Office 365 availability.gif

Microsoft is releasing Office 365 into another nine countries, bringing its total market penetration to 140 of 196 countries worldwide.

The fact that you can now get Office 365 just about anywhere there is a business culture is not surprising. But the pace at which it has developed is startling.

When it launched just over two years ago, it was available in around 40 markets. A year later it was in 88 markets. By the end of 2013, it was up to 127 markets and now ... well, just about everywhere.

Microsoft Office Is Still the Productivity Suite Leader

For Microsoft, Forrester's recent report on productivity suites and alternatives to Office 2013 just couldn’t get better. It shows that while there are alternatives to Microsoft Office, most enterprises aren’t even looking at them. It also shows that if Office 2013 still hasn’t gained the traction Microsoft would like it to, it is only because most users are still on the 2010 version. 

Document Mgt Roll-up: Alfresco's Enterprise 4, Knowledge Tree's DM Upgrades

This week, Alfresco released Enterprise 4, KnowledgeTree added new functionality to help users organize documents, Box and Smartsheet integrate, IBM’s SPSS Data Collection gets document capture and there’s talk of LibreOffice going mobile.

Apache Outlines OpenOffice License, Trademark Policy

In an open letter, the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) outlines its vision to offer a neutral collaboration opportunity, with a few OpenOffice trademark restrictions laid out, too.

LibreOffice Unveils Online Prototype, Plans Android, iOS Ports

Announcements at the LibreOffice Conference, held in Paris, October 12-15, included plans for LibreOffice Online as well as Android and iOS ports.

Document Mgt Roll-up: BlackBerry for Office 365

Last week was a busy one for conferences, but it was also a busy week for document management. BlackBerry users will be able to have access to Office 365 documents in beta, Colligo offers document management for SharePoint, eFileCabinet heads to the cloud, LibreOffice celebrates its first birthday and Version One partners with Intuitive.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Google Docs Syncs With PCs, LibreOffice Gets Extensions Repository

There were a number of new releases in the document management space this week. LibreOffice has announced the release of a public beta of its extension and template repositories, Google Docs gets synced with PCs, KnowledgeTree Ships with DM tools, V1 integrates with Oracle E-Business Suite and Toshiba extends its print services.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Google Backs LibreOffice, SharePoint's Records Management Traction

This week, with some of the dust beginning to settle on Oracle’s OpenOffice decision, Google is backing LibreOffice with advice and funding, SharePoint seems to be gaining ground in records management, Nuance closes the Equitrac deal, we took a look at document management on-premise or as an SaaS and Office 365 may be on the way.

Document Mgt Roll-up: LibreOffice to Offer Enterprise Release, Where Is Google Docs Going?

This week, only a couple of weeks after upgrading its document management software, Nuxeo offers digital signatures, LibreOffice schedules an enterprise release for August, Google Docs outlines medium terms projects, PSIGEN offers more for SharePoint and Primadesk provides document search wherever your documents are stored.

Oracle Hands OpenOffice to Apache, IBM is a Happy Camper

The question of what Oracle (news, site) is going to do with the (OOo) code has finally been resolved with an announcement today that it will be giving it to the Apache Foundation (news, site).

Are Productivity Alternatives Hitting Microsoft Office Upgrades?

In the world of office productivity suites, where content and collaboration professionals aim to make users as efficient as possible, Microsoft Office is still way ahead of the pack when it comes to deployment. But there are many alternatives on the market now, which, according to new research by Forrester, are being tried out by companies, if not fully deployed -- not yet, that is.

Will OpenOffice Survive After Oracle Offers It to Community?

In retrospect, Oracle's (news, site) announcement on Friday that it is finally throwing in the towel on (OOo) seemed inevitable, but when the original fork happened and the Document Foundation’s LibreOffice project was set up last October, just about anything was in the cards.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Google, Microsoft Square Up Over Connect, Email Use Surges

With the Bing spat still ringing in our ears, the next little tiff looks set to be about Google’s Cloud Connect for Office and Microsoft’s response to it. Email use is exploding, while eXpresso is offering document collaboration on LotusLive. LibreOffice has also been busy.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Alfresco Gets Social, ZL Gives Archiving to IBM’s Lotus Notes

Busy week here in the document management mines. Alfresco made its document management software social, LibreOffice continued to expand its reach by adding portable functionality, Xerox bought some new document collaboration software with WaterWare and Oce took a look at the benefits of document imaging.

SMB Tech Roll-Up: IBM Predicts Spending on Cloud and Analytics, Social Media for SMBs

This week, we look at research from IBM that indicates SMBs will be spending on their cloud and business analytics this year, EMC adds fuel to the data storage market, Intermedia offers SMBs encrypted email while MediaFeedia is looking for some SMB attention with a new social media management tool for Facebook.

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