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Mobile Strategy News & Analysis

What is the Business Value of Your Company's Mobile Technology?


We talk a lot about the mobile enterprise and the different elements that define it -- security, device management, business processes and more. But have you really thought about how a single device has disrupted the way we work? For the good, bad and the ugly, the proliferation of mobile devices at work requires a foundational mobile strategy.

Mobile Impacts Customer Loyalty More than Transactions

What is the impact of mobile on your bottom line? According to a new survey from EPiServer, the biggest return on mobile today is from increased customer loyalty and personalization, rather than mobile transactions.

Got Mobile? OK. But Got Mobile Strategy? Not So Much

The center of gravity for personal computing may have moved to mobile devices, but most companies are still not able to determine if their mobile apps and content are helping them. That’s a key finding in a new report, "Mobile Sophistication and Strategy" published by Econsultancy.

Netbiscuits Wins Further Funding for Mobile HTML5 Play

netbiscuits_logo_2011.jpgNetbiscuits and its mobile development platform are more in demand as the smartphone and tablet boom continues, tempting investors who have put another $27 million behind the company. 

Webinar Redux - Optimizing Mobile Customer Experience with Responsive Design

Site managers and marketers everywhere are challenged by the tidal wave of mobile devices currently in circulation.

How do you deliver consistent, high quality digital experiences across desktop and mobile channels? This article recaps our recent Mobile Customer Experience webinar and includes a full video recording of the event. Dive on in.

Engage Your Mobile Visitors with Responsive Design [SPONSORED]

By 2014 mobile web traffic is set to surpass desktop traffic. This change is having an impact on site managers and digital marketers everywhere. Responsive Design practices give you a way to quickly and respectfully address your mobile visitors -- delivering top notch mobile experiences — without radically changing your existing tooling and processes.

Responsive Design Fundamentals

Responsive design is a web business strategy that implicates organizational culture, process and tooling changes. It allows organizations to deliver consistent web experiences across a range of desktop and mobile devices without creating multiple sites for each device category.

The good news is that you can broadly leverage existing processes and assets, but refactor your operational processes and culture a bit to consider the smallest device first. Responsive strategy then says that you add more content and design elements as more screen real estate is available, but retain a faithful connection to the overall brand, campaign and task priorities.

Using this approach organizations can provide critical content and services across all types of devices, while maintaining consistent branding and familiar navigation.

The key benefits are: brand consistency, higher levels of mobile engagement and higher levels of mobile conversions, all with a reasonable investment cost.

Mobile Customer Experience Webinar (July 10th)

CMSWire and Siteworx are holding a mobile customer experience webinar on July 10th. The core focus will be discussing the fundamentals, strategy and costs/benefits of responsive design.

Discussion points include:

  • What managers need to know about responsive design
  • How to think about the potential ROI that can come from this approach
  • How organizations can quickly and incrementally shift to a responsive strategy

If you need to deliver smarter mobile experiences, then sign-up for the webinar here.

Mobile in 2015: Delivering Superior Experiences

In 2012, mobility is no longer a fantasy, rather it's the norm. Yet there are so many areas within the space that are still immature, especially the enterprise.

Tweet Jam Recap: Creating Great Mobile Experiences #CXMChat

On Wednesday, May 23rd, we gathered for a Tweet Jam to discuss the business case for mobile, among other things.  From our tablet devices, smartphone and mobile apps, we came together to better understand what goes into creating a great mobile experience. Should you develop a mobile app or optimize a mobile site? What metrics should you track? Most importantly, what drives us crazy about the current mobile experience?

Mobile Priority 2012: Go Beyond the App

Consumers these days can’t seem to get enough mobile apps, games, videos and other content. Mobile web usage has exploded and mobile search has quadrupled in the past year. Many people search on their smartphone when viewing a TV or print ad, looking for products via a search engine or through a clever speech recognition application such as Siri. And they expect to find the answer at their fingertips. Actionable content, right there, in seconds flat. Mobile has created a monster -- and it’s you and me.

Customer Experience: You Don't Need a Mobile Strategy

Mobile is a platform. It is a tactic, not a strategy. What you need is a strategy for the connected customer.

Report: Aligning Mobile Devices and Operating Systems Improves Enterprise Mobility

Will fast growing smartphone penetration make it easier to integrate and implement services and applications across all relevant mobile and connected devices? Good question. It’s one that Netbiscuits set out to answer in their Mobile Web Metrics Report.  

Define Mobile Website User Journeys to Help Build Customer Relationships

The growth of web-enabled mobile devices is well reported, and clearly there are significant opportunities for revenue growth and customer engagement using the mobile channel. Businesses who understand mobile website user journeys are able to gain an advantage to capitalize on these opportunities.

Going Mobile: Can You View Me NOW?

The Web is more mobile than ever. Being able to deliver a user friendly view of your organization’s digital presence has become increasingly important to be competitive, gain market share, and increase customer satisfaction, user base engagement and loyalty. Needless to say, smartphone and smart device use is on the rise.

When Planning Your Mobile Strategy, Think Deep

Mobile strategy often starts with ambitious plans for native apps or new mobile web sites. This makes sense, but falls short of supporting the most important element of a mobile strategy -- Deep Linking.

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