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Pentaho News & Analysis

Hitachi Buys Pentaho to Build Internet of Things That Matter

Managing all the data generated by the Internet of Things (IoT) is both a daunting task and a tremendous opportunity. The company that does it well, first, and for the right reasons could have an unprecedented ability to impact the world in a positive way.

Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) wants to be that company and it believes that adding big data analytics capabilities to its portfolio is key. So it goes to follow that today it announced its intent to acquire BI vendor Pentaho, which is best known for its big data platform that simplifies preparing and blending all types of data and includes a spectrum of tools that enable users to easily analyze, visualize, explore, report insights and predict outcomes.

Big Data Bits: MongoDB Edition + There's a Prize Inside

2014-03-July-Prize-Inside.jpgSmall pieces loosely joined in a non-zero sum world.

Write that phrase down and wrap your brain around it because that’s how the vendors who are shaping computing’s next platform are thinking. It’s not about “I win, you lose,” but about how well we can play and build something together.

And though that idea was verbalized by Cloudera founder Mike Olson (who borrowed from David Weinbereger’s book "Small Pieces Loosely Joined") at MongoDB World this week, we got an idea of how it might play out in computing’s third era as we watched MongoDB’s customers talk about game-changing solutions they built leveraging the world’s leading NoSQL database and other leading and emerging technologies.

Pentaho v5.0 Offers 'Blended Data' Analytics, Deep MongoDB Integration

Over the past year, business intelligence (BI) vendor Pentaho has been steadily building up its BI suite by adding all kinds of new functionality. With the release of v5.0 today, it has upped its game by simplifying business user access to analytics, providing deep data integration, and advanced MongoDB integration. 

Business Intelligence Provider Pentaho Acquires Interface Shop Webdetails

Analytics, meet visuals. Business intelligence provider Pentaho has bought consulting partner Webdetails, a Portugal-based visual interface development shop.

Pentaho 4.8 Brings Mobile BI to the iPad, Interactive Analytics Tools

Business analytics provider Pentaho has released faster big data analytics and BI tools for the iPad with its Pentaho 4.8 suite.

Pentaho Improves Data Visualization Tools in Business Analytics 4.5

Pentaho Improves Data Visualization Tools in Business Analytics 4.5Pentaho has released a new version of its analytics platform, Pentaho Business Analytics 4.5. Pentaho continues to focus on making it easier for non-technical users to find answers hidden in the piles of data modern organizations are collecting. The latest release adds new options for data visualization and exploration and further extends the solution’s integration options.

Pentaho Offers New Solution to Improve Enterprise Data Quality

pentahoLogosmall.jpgAlmost anyone that works with technology and data has heard the mantra, “Trash in, trash out.” Invalid data is not a new phenomenon, but the age of big data has made this even more pronounced because the sheer volume of data makes human examination impractical. Open source business analytics provider Pentaho has teamed with data quality company Human Inference to make it a little easier for enterprises to ensure their business data is trustworthy.

Pentaho Extends Big Data Support to Cassandra

Pentaho is continuing its efforts to make big data a first -class citizen in business analytics. In October of last year, the open source business analytics provider began its efforts to comprehensively embrace big data by adding support for Hadoop and a few other NoSQL data sources. Now the company is going a step further.

Pentaho Updates Kettle to Handle Big Data, Moves Platform to Apache

Open source business intelligence provider, Pentaho, has announced a new version of its ETL (extraction, transformation and loading) platform Kettle. Pentaho has updated Kettle with features to support big data and moved the project to Apache.

Pentaho's Business Intelligence Suite Has New Name, Bag of Big Data Tricks

pentahoLogosmall.jpgPentaho, a provider of an open-source business intelligence (BI) platform, has announced its latest release. Like the rest of the information management world, the company is squarely focused on supporting -- yes, you guessed it -- big data.

Pentaho Adds More Big Data Source to Business Intelligence Suite

Open source business intelligence provider Pentaho (news, site) has announced that it is supporting substantially more big data sources natively such as the latest distribution of Hadoop and many other NoSQL sources. The expansion of data sources should make it easier for Pentaho’s users to connect these repositories and analyze their ever-expanding stores of data.

Pentaho BI 4 Enterprise Introduces End User Driven Business Intelligence

pentahoLogosmall.jpg Open source business intelligence platform, Pentaho (news, site) has released a new version of Pentaho BI 4 Enterprise Edition heavily focused on providing end users reporting capabilities previously reserved for technologists.

QMetry, JasperSoft Deliver More Intelligent Test Management

qmetryLogo.jpgWhat, the good ol' TIP, test in production, methodology isn’t good enough anymore? Apparently not. QMetry, provider of test case management solutions, and open source business intelligence platform provider Jaspersoft (news, site) announced integration of JasperReports Server Professional into the testing platform. The combined solution will allow organizations to actually see if developers are really “almost done” with that last round of code changes.

Web Engagement: Advice from the Experts

This week in Web Engagement, our gracious experts talked about best practices as well as whether or not the social media world is saving room for the website. 

PlayBook Gets IBM Support On Launch, Slated by the Press

blackberry_logo_2011.jpgRIM's (news, site) new PlayBook is getting a rough ride at its launch, but has software backing from IBM to appeal to those vital enterprise users.

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