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Wanna Race? Cloudera Says Impala is Faster than Hive and Proprietary RDMS

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Cloudera made a big splash at O'Reilly Strata + Hadoop World 2013 in New York City last October when it announced its Enterprise Data Hub strategy. It wants it to be the place where companies park all of their data, regardless of its format, and from which they can use BI tools, whichever they happen to be.

At the time, some of Cloudera’s Hadoop competitors were a bit taken aback — not by  the idea of an Enterprise Data Hub (MapR suggested it more or less already offered one. Hortonworks sort of ridiculed the term, adding that it preferred the word “platform,” as in Hortonworks Data Platform), but by Cloudera’s insistence that it no longer saw them as competition.

Cloudera CEO Tom Reilly told GigaOm’s Derrick Harris that the company has set its sights on a larger market, the one in which IBM, Pivotal (and we’d guess HP, Teradata and so on) are the established players. So what's new today?

Facebook Open Sources Presto: Jump In to Check It Out But Don't Jump to Conclusions

For anyone who doesn’t yet know, Facebook open sourced “Presto” yesterday. What's Presto? It’s a distributed SQL engine for big data reported to run magnitudes faster than most of today’s widely used technologies that were built to handle such workloads. They include the likes of Apache Open Source HiveCloudera’s Open Source ImpalaStinger (supported by Hortonworks) and Pivotal’s Hawq, among many others.

Inmagic Updates Social Knowledge Network, Includes Third Party Connector Framework

Inmagic (news, site) has released the latest version of its social knowledge network, Presto 3.7. This latest version offers the ability to integrate information from third party repositories like SharePoint.

Inmagic Brings Virtual Collaboration to Member-based Orgs

Inmagic Brings Virtual Collaboration to Member-based Orgs Inmagic (news, site) unveiled Presto AssociatioNet today, specifically giving member-based organizations a more resourceful pool to turn to for information and collaboration.

Knowledge Management Gets More Social and Secure

Knowledge Management Gets More Social and SecureInmagic (news, site) responded to the collaboration craze this morning with the release of Presto 3.5. The newest version of their social knowledge network solution delivers perks like enhanced discussion forums, extended single sign-on and improved performance. 

JackBe Offers Enterprise Mashups for SharePoint

jackbe_logo_2010.pngWith the doors barely open on their new application mashup shop, JackBe (news, site) spent a few days at the Microsoft Partner Conference bragging up their new enterprise mashup solution for SharePoint. 

Build Your Own Internal App Store with JackBe

jackbe_logo_2010.png.jpgIf you’re looking to house all of your apps in one place, you might want to check out JackBe. On June 30th, the company is releasing a tool that will allow enterprises to build their own application shop.

Integrating SharePoint and Social Knowledge Networks

Inmagic_logo_2010.jpgInmagic has come out with a new version of Presto, a social knowledge network solution, that integrates tightly with SharePoint. Just another way to share all the information stored in one of the most popular collaboration platforms.

Inmagic Cozies Up to MOSS for Social Knowledge Management


Inmagic (news, site) has bolstered its social knowledge management platform with SharePoint interoperability features. Who doesn't want to connect to MOSS nowadays?

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