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Google, Amazon Cut Cloud Prices Again

The battle for cloud supremacy intensified again.  At its Cloud Platform Live event Tuesday, Google slashed the prices for its cloud services lower than Amazon and Microsoft. Amazon responded with similar cuts. No news from Microsoft yet, but one thing is clear.

The big winners are cloud users.

As Black Friday Sets Records, Here Comes Cyber Monday

 With over $1 billion spent online by Black Friday stay-at-home shoppers, expect Cyber Monday to be just as busy as the deals keep on coming. With mobile-based purchases booming, what are the best and worst e-tailer shopping experiences you've seen?

Apple's Black Friday Sale Goes Live

 applelogo.pngThose looking for an iPad or MacBook bargain had better get their clicking-fingers ready, as Apple Stores around the world reboot for the company's Thanksgiving sale. 

Samsung Launching New Galaxy SIII Superphone Today

samsung_launch1.png Get ready for lift off, as Samsung unveils its latest Android-powered Galaxy smartphone to the world, live from an event in London at 7PM UK (2PM EST, 11AM Pacific). We've got the latest news and stay tuned for coverage of the event and any new features, apps or other devices Samsung cares to share.

Samsung's Quad-Core Exynos CPU to Power the Galaxy S3

samsung_exynos.jpg Regardless of how happy users are with their current phones, the makers are always pushing new levels of performance at us. Samsung's latest quad-core chip will power the next-generation Galaxy smartphone and future tablets, and push performance to new heights.

Amazon's S3 Storage Service Massive Usage Numbers

amazon_aws_logo.jpgAmazon has just posted a peek into the usage statistics for its S3 service, perhaps aware of HP's imminent arrival on the scene. This looks like some mountain for any rival to climb.

Amazon S3 Storage Gets Price Cuts Up to 13.5%

Organizations and enterprises that bank on Amazon S3 services for their cloud storage needs might find themselves paying up to 13.5% less starting this February, as Amazon announces price cuts for S3, promising a "significant reduction" in storage costs.

Amazon's AWS Storage Gateway Connects Enterprise Data to the Cloud


Amazon's new AWS Storage Gateway helps connect businesses' on-premises software appliances with cloud-based data storage to better integrate local and AWS-based apps and data with a range of backup options.

Amazon Makes AWS Monitoring Easier with CloudFormation

amazon_aws_logo.jpgAmazon AWS (news, site) can be a tricky beast to track, but the company has announced a service to monitor resources and provisioning.

Document Management Roll-up: Mac Office Gets Localized, Doculex Announces DM Services

It may be summer and the middle of what newspapers call the silly season, but there is still a constant trickle of new document management releases. Amongst this week’s highlights are more details on the Mac Office release in October, while Doculex announces the availability of new document management services. Laserfiche and SharePoint also got officially DoD certified.

Crowdsourcing and the Next Wave of Collaboration, Part 2

In part one of Crowdsourcing and the Next Wave of Collaboration, we talked about the definition of crowdsourcing innovation, and its problems and successes. In part 2, we take a look at the maturity of both the practice and technology, as well where survey respondents were in their deployment of these solutions.

Mobile Enterprise: Smartphones Prevail, But Business Intelligence Lacks

This week the mobile enterprise makes a case for business intelligence.

Sybase Upgrades Mobile Platform to Include SAP Apps

For those that were wondering how long it would take SAP to put the screws on Sybase after the US$ 5.8 billion deal was closed in May, well the answer is immediately.

Skype Puts Video Calls on Your TV Set, and More

Skype Puts Video Calls on Your TV Set, and More Apparently Google isn't the only one headed for the big screen. Recent times highlighted Skype's (news, site) interest in planting its popular video-calling service in your television set. 

Moving S3 Data Faster with Amazon Web Services Import/Export Tool

amazon_aw_logo_2010.jpgAmazon (news, site) provides faster data transfer to and from its cloud-based services thanks to the latest release of the AWS Import/Export for Simple Storage Service.


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