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What's Up With SharePoint? #MSIgnite


What's Microsoft have in mind for SharePoint — and what's the future hold as momentum grows behind the SharePoint 2016 release?

Seth Patton, senior director of product management for the SharePoint team, and Bill Baer, a senior technical product manager in the SharePoint product group, answered some of those questions. But many others remain unanswered as the Ignite conference in Chicago continues.

Nadella Shares Microsoft's Mobile Productivity Vision #MSIgnite

20115 4 5 Nadella keynote Ignite 2.jpg

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella opened the Ignite conference in Chicago this morning with a promise of what's to come -- both in the announcements that will be made over the course of the five day event and in the direction that Microsoft will be taking for the enterprise. 

A hint of this direction can be seen in the announcement of the release of Windows Update for Business.

Rewiring SharePoint Around End User Experiences


​From the earliest days of SharePoint, companies were attracted to the platform's range of functionality, relatively quick installation and the ability to shape the platform to meet an organization's unique business needs.

But as Microsoft shifts its focus to the cloud, many organizations are struggling to maintain the last point -- as the ability to shape SharePoint Online (SPO) is not quite the "Swiss army knife" that its on-premises version has been for the industry.

While Microsoft pushes forward with its NextGen portal solutions on top of Office 365, there is a gap in understanding how these new pieces will fit into existing strategies.

As a result, companies are increasingly looking at hybrid solutions, which promise the bet of both worlds: management and control over data, maintaining custom solutions and custom branding, combined with the power and innovation of new cloud platform capabilities. In effect, the cloud has expanded the options available to organizations -- not limited them.

Akumina Wants You to Love SharePoint

Akumina wants to make business users love Microsoft SharePoint as much as IT teams.

The Nashua, N.H.-based digital marketing and web solutions company continues that mission today with the release of its next generation SharePoint Apps and Web Parts — solutions CEO Ed Rogers said will enhance the SharePoint user experience.

"There's a gap between the platform and the business user. What we're delivering are solutions that bridge that gap," Rogers told CMSWire.

What Rogers is referencing is the latest evolution of InterChange, a suite of role-based authoring and site management tools designed to give marketing teams control over SharePoint sites.

Released in beta early last year, Akumina is announcing several new capabilities today, just in time for Microsoft's Ignite conference in Chicago.

Metalogix Wants to Take a Bite Out of Data Loss


Metalogix announced today that it's putting its new personal information watchdog into technical preview. It's called Sensitive Content Manager (SCM) — and Metalogix promises it will help users raise hell with anyone who abuses your personal information.

It's offered as a standalone product that can be used with competitors products, but it also comes with ControlPoint 6.0, which manages SharePoint governance, permissions, auditing and reporting for SharePoint administration.

Todd Klindt: Ripples of Sadness Over SharePoint


I can’t always be trusted to take things as seriously as I probably should. It just depends on what’s going through my head at the time, and how much coffee I have had or have not had before I'm asked a question.

But all I can tell you is that when I was asked to share my thoughts about Microsoft's decision to delay the release of SharePoint Server 2016, jackass mode was enabled.

We were all expecting SharePoint 2016 to come out this year, and then Seth Patton, senior director of product management for the SharePoint team, writes this blog post that says SharePoint 2016 will become generally available in the second quarter of 2016, with a public beta plan for the fourth quarter of this year.

I said the news triggered a "ripple of sadness" across the Internet. Looking back, I wish I’d have taken the question more seriously. “Ripple of sadness across the internet” might be a little bit of hyperbole. But there were a lot of disappointed people.

AvePoint Lets You Share With SharePoint


AvePoint just released a new service pack that lets you share and sync files in and out of SharePoint, through the company firewall. More accurately, AvePoint has upgraded its Perimeter Service Pack 4 that allows file syncing and sharing in both directions.

Daniel Wilkens, product manager at AvePoint, called it a substantial upgrade that extends Perimeter's functionality from one-way sharing of information to two-way collaboration.

It allows people outside of the organization to use Office Web Apps "to securely edit content shared with them or upload new content to shared folders or libraries within the Perimeter Portal," he said.

Don't Hold Your Breath: SharePoint Release Delayed

Microsoft is significantly delaying the release of SharePoint Server 2016 — creating what one industry expert described as a "ripple of sadness" across the Internet.

In a blog post yesterday, Microsoft revealed a new delivery plan for the next on-premises version of Sharepoint. It confirmed that SharePoint Server 2016 will become generally available in the second quarter of 2016, with a public beta in the fourth quarter this year. That is about a year later than originally expected.

Todd Klindt: I'm Not Smart Enough for PowerShell


Jeff Hicks is a PowerShell MVP, all-around smart guy — and he’s apparently doing community service for something, because he agreed to share his expertise with us.

As he told us, "I had nothing else to do tonight, so I figured I might as well do this. I was literally just going to sit in the corner and stare at the wall until this came up."

Those of you who watch my show know I’m a huge fan of PowerShell. Got a big old crush.

I used to do the PowerShell tip of the week until I ran out of things that I knew about PowerShell. Which means there were only like three weeks of PowerShell tips.

It was very short-lived. But you know, Jeff Hicks and I still travel in the same circles, speak at the same conferences. Our paths have crossed. We’ve chatted about PowerShell. So I wanted to bring him on and just kind of get some honest to goodness PowerShell talent in here to talk about some stuff.

Have You Heard About Exchange Server 2016?

Microsoft has been tight-lipped about its plans for Exchange Server 2016, the on-premises release that it plans to ship in the second half of 2015.

Until last night, that is.

While it won't make the big reveal until Microsoft Ignite kicks off in Chicago early next month, the new release will focus on productivity, collaboration and information governance, according to a blog post by the Microsoft Exchange Team.

The team hinted that many of the changes will be familiar to Office 365 users, noting, "Most of the new features in Exchange Server 2016 were birthed in the cloud and then refined in a feedback loop that includes millions of mailboxes deployed worldwide."

Here's a Portrait of Your Typical Mobile Microsoft User


The typical mobile user of Microsoft's collaboration tools -- Office 365, SharePoint, Yammer and OneDrive -- isn’t a social media maven, according to a survey of user habits. But he can't live without document access.

While that may not be much of a surprise (Microsoft is the platform for the serious office worker, after all) the following finding is: iOS is the dominant mobile browser by far for accessing documents and collaborating with Microsoft tools in the enterprise.

That's an eye-opening factoid given the number of Android phones in general in circulation and the only relatively recent inroads Apple has made in the enterprise, David Lavenda, VP of product strategy at, told CMSWire. 

Todd Klindt: Tell Me You Like Me & We'll Party at Ignite


Microsoft Ignite is less than a month away in Chicago. There's going to be a ton of things going on.

But one of the things you never want to miss when you go to these big conferences is the AvePoint RED Party. They have it every year and it's always crazy, over-the-top. Those AvePoint folks have never thrown a reasonable party in their lives!

There was one that I was at — a lot of them blur together and a lot of them have included things that I just can't speak about publicly — but one of them had a fire dancer — this woman, she had things that were on fire like batons and rings and all kinds of stuff.

I thought it was gonna be dumb. And then I saw it — and it was not dumb.

But anyway, AvePoint is doing it again on Tuesday, May 5 at Chicago Union Station.

So now you may be thinking, "This sounds amazing. How does one get into such a thing?" And I'm going to tell you — even though you may have heard it was sold out.

Can the Cloud Handle Failover from SharePoint and CMS?

Thumbnail image for 2015-8-April-sky-dock

A new service that leverages Microsoft’s Azure cloud for large-scale extended storage could enable more, and perhaps smaller, businesses to host their own applications in a hybrid cloud configuration.

SIOS Technology’s DataKeeper Cluster Edition is a service that could compel CIOs to think differently about “the cloud” than just that place where all the Dropbox files hang out together.

Most discussions of cloud storage in the pages of CMSWire are about file repositories, file sharing and document-based collaboration. For some CIOs, “the cloud” is the general name for Dropbox or Google Drive or whatever space all those various shared documents cohabitate.

Metalogix Buys MetaVis In Advance of SharePoint 2016 Release

Cloud management and migration specialist Metalogix announced this morning that it is buying MetaVis for its cloud collaboration service management platform. The price was not disclosed.

Metalogix CEO Steve Murphy told CMSWire the deal is designed to secure the cloud management and migration space in advance of the SharePoint 2016 release.

Businesses Committed to SharePoint, Despite Stalled Deployments

Since Microsoft unveiled SharePoint back in 2001, it has been one of the fastest growing products in the software giant's history. Along with billions of dollars in revenue, the platform now boasts 125 million users and counting.

Businesses first deployed SharePoint as a point solution for document sharing amongst project teams and as a stand in to files-shares. SharePoint proved a capable solution for these challenges and Microsoft has continually added to its capabilities.

But despite its scope, and as with many types of software, it suffers from a perceived lack of user commitment.

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