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Maximize Your SharePoint Investment with E-Signatures


You’ll be paperless. Or will you?

It’s a promise many enterprises make to themselves. 


Because paper kinda slows you down: HR, your customers, your vendors, compliance, engineering specks. All experience setbacks when glued to paper processes.

“In business there is a big problem, and that problem is the paper problem,” Rahim Kaba, director of product marketing for e-SignLive by Silanis, a Montreal, Quebec provider, said during a recent CMSWire webinar. “Information is often stored on paper in a typical business. Most of the world still stores files in file cabinets. The paper problem is everywhere, across every department and every business.”

Kaba said during the webinar that his company can solve that problem with its e-signature technology add-on for SharePoint. (You can watch the full webinar at the end of this story.)

Percolate Bubbles Up With Another $40M


Percolate caught attention from Forrester analysts because of its "bold vision for how social and nonsocial marketing fit together." Now that same vision is also catching attention from venture capitalists — again.

Today, the start-up marketing technology firm is announcing that it has raised $40 million in Series C financing.

Lightspeed Venture Partners led the round, with additional participation from four existing investors: Sequoia Capital, GGV Capital, First Round Capital and Lerer Hippeau Ventures.

This latest investment round brings Percolate’s total venture funding to $74.5 million.

Can Tracx Help You Manage Your Social Media?


We reported last month that social media tools aren't cutting it for marketers. Officials at Tracx think differently.

The New York City-based provider today released updated tools for its social media management platform. It provides for marketers a "new intelligence and context-driven publishing and engagement experience," according to officials. It includes, they said, real time content creation, cross-channel management, proactive content marketing and predictive insights.

They call it Smart Recommendations, which uses systemwide insights to predictively identify the best times of day to engage audiences via owned and earned media. 

"Marketers don’t have to go it alone or blind," Eric Berkowitz, vice president of solutions engineering at Tracx, told CMSWire. He said the company's new dashboard gives marketers access to real time predictive data -- whether they are analyzing share-of-voice or conducting an outreach program.

Banjo Has Real (Time) Plans for $100M

A startup that promises to be "world's premier real time data platform" just got a big chunk of change.

Redwood City, Calif.-based Banjo closed on a $100 million Series C round led by Softbank, alongside BlueRun Ventures. This brings Banjo's total funding to $121 million, according to Crunchbase.

The company landed a $16 million series B in March 2014 and its $5 million series A in August 2010 (BlueRun Ventures participated in both of those, too.)

Banjo analyzes data about events and breaking news in real time for news publishers and other organizations.

IBM Teams With Facebook, Expands Social Love

In the "right time, right message" marketing technology race, IBM and Facebook partnered up today took the lead, officials said.

IBM's marketing cloud clients can now use Facebook’s ad capabilities such as Custom Audiences. The collaboration between the enterprise software and social media giants helps marketers "reach the right people at the right time with the right message."

IBM Commerce, the portfolio that draws from IBM's $24 billion investments in analytics, is the engine behind the partnership with Facebook, which has 1.4 billion active users.

The news comes six months after IBM hooked up with the other social media king, Twitter.

Twitter announced in November it will integrate its data into IBM's Watson cloud analytics portfolio, customer engagement capabilities and consulting services in what company officials call a "landmark" partnership.

"IBM and Facebook’s technology collaboration will marry deep analytics and customer data, providing marketers with highly tailored marketing capabilities to deliver personalized experiences at each step along the brand journey," said Jay Henderson, director of strategy of IBM ExperienceOne, the Armonk, N.Y.-based giant's marketing suite.

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Facebook


Hi, I'm Deb, and I'm a social media user.

As a business professional, I frequent such places as LinkedIn, Twitter, SlideShare and even at times Google plus. I'm on Facebook, too, but have always reserved it solely for sharing with family and friends. Now Facebook is making some strong moves in the business-to-consumer space, and it's time for me to rethink.

Should You Open the Twitter DM Door?

2015-23-April-open door.jpg

Man, do I hate it when I try to direct-message (DM) someone on Twitter, but can't because that person doesn't follow me.

First of all, who doesn't follow me? And secondly, why are they so privileged to not get my notes?

Alas, there's hope for me. Twitter opened that DM door this week.

Now, you can opt in and allow anyone to send you a DM. No need for them to be your follower to send them a message.

It's kinda like email -- if someone has your address, they can ping you, provided they opt in.

"We’re changing how direct messaging works so that it’s even easier for you to communicate one-to-one or with a chosen group of people, anywhere in the world," Twitter's Nhu Vuong wrote in an April 20 blog post.

I love this as a reporter. (So watch your Twitter inboxes, my trustworthy sources). 

I'm not the only one affected here. Think brands.

Are Your Execs Hindering Your Social Media Success?


I've written often about the challenges B2B marketers face in turning the crank to generate social ROI. Specifically, how important it is to build quality social channels, set the right social media goals and create compelling content -- and how mobilizing your employees and brand advocates can help you get social traction much more quickly.

But maybe there's more to it than that.

Metalogix Moves Into Social Media Archiving

Metalogix is back to business-as-usual after the MetaVis buy with the announcement this morning of a triple release across its Files and Exchange offerings, as well as new module that protects enterprise brands in social media settings.

The Archive and Files upgrades promise universal mobile access along with enhanced security and compliance features. But the company expects the new social module to be the real crowd pleaser.

To find out more, we talked with Hudson Casson, the company's global director of marketing and product strategy.

Grab Your Pitchfork: It's Time to Skewer Someone on Social


How are we supposed to get any work done with all the drama on social media?

It's downright exhausting. Every day there's someone new to judge and vilify, which we collectively do with the vengeance and rage of the villagers in Frankenstein.

I'm not talking about people who have committed truly horrible acts of inhumanity and cruelty, like that Texas veterinarian who put an arrow through the head of a neighborhood cat — and boasted about it on her own Facebook page.

I'm talking about the ill tempered and the foul-mouthed, the anger impaired and the sensitivity-challenged, the seriously naïve who either didn't know or didn’t think anyone would care that their butts or bellies or bosoms were on display in that too tight, too short, too small article of clothing.

I'm talking about people much like me and you who simply had the misfortune of having their stupidity immortalized on social media.

And the whole thing has me and others, including Peggy Drexler, an assistant professor of psychology at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City, wondering:

Is this unhealthy "us and them" mentality coloring our perspective of the world? Do we feel "better than" by sharing the latest story of someone's bad behavior? Now take it one step further: Could these feelings of superiority and underlying lack of respect for other people be sabotaging our commitment to customer-centricity, at least subconsciously?

Big Dogs Trail in Forrester's Social Relationship Wave

2015-20-April-big dogs.jpg

Some big software players jumped into Forrester Research's hearts for platforms that help digital marketers make the most out of social media.

But they're not the leaders.

In its Wave for Social Relationship Platforms for this quarter -- targeted at B2C marketers -- the Cambridge, Mass.-based research firm tabbed Oracle and Hootsuite among its most significant providers in the space. Those organizations did not make the cut two years ago.

They join Adobe, Expion, Falcon Social, Salesforce, Percolate, Shoutlet, Spredfast, Sprinklr and Sprout Social as significant providers in the Social Relationship Platform (SRP) space.

Forrester evaluated vendors with at least 100 enterprise SRP clients whose average deployment includes at least 25 seat holders.

"One of the things we looked for in our evaluation was vendors’ ability to automate key SRP functions," Forrester analyst Nate Elliott wrote in a blog post today. "We know -- automation remains a dirty word in social media. No brand wants to repeat the automation-driven mistakes of Coca-Cola or Bank of America. But marketers say one of their top social challenges is hiring and training enough qualified staff. In this environment, the greatest value that social relationship platforms can offer their clients is lightening their workload." 

LinkedIn's $1.5B Plan to Update Your Workplace Skill Set

LinkedIn and online education website are on a mission to raise —  or at least update — the US workforce's skill set.

That, at least, is the raison d'etra provided for LinkedIn's $1.5 billion stock-and-cash acquisition of Presumably given the numbers involved – this is the largest acquisition to date for the professional social networking site – the deal will also give a much-needed boost to LinkedIn's revenues. 

Is Sprinklr Finally 'Satisfied' With Its Latest Acquisition?

Sprinklr put its acquisition shovel to work again.

The New York City-based provider of social media management tools scooped up San Francisco-based customer care provider Get Satisfaction today. This is Sprinklr’s fifth acquisition since the beginning of 2014 and follows a series funding valued at greater than $1 billion.

Get Satisfaction joins social community software provider Pluck, influencer advocacy company Branderati, paid social company TBG Digital and brand analytics provider Dachis Group as Sprinklr acquisitions in the past 14 months.

All told, the six-year-old provider now climbs to more than 750 employees, 850 brands and 400 clients. Financial terms were not disclosed.

Rahul Sachdev, CEO of Get Satisfaction, and Jeremy Epstein, vice president of marketing for Sprinklr, caught up with CMSWire after the provider's fifth acquisition in just more than a year.

Sprinklr is accelerating its social consolidation strategy to help brands improve customer experience, they told CMSWire.

Dachis Group brought brand health data and analytics into the fold, TBG Digital enabled a paid social offering within the Sprinklr platform, and the acquisitions of Branderati, Pluck, and Get Satisfaction are bridging the gap between first- and third-party brand experiences, they explained.

Who's Talking? What You Need to Know About Social


If you’re a CMO trying to keep up with your peers, a marketer aspiring to be in the C-Suite or a vendor who markets to CMO’s, then this report is for you.

Social Insights: CMO Edition (registration required), is packed with information about where CMO’s hang out on social, what they talk about, who they follow and what they share.

Published by Leadtail in conjunction with Neustar, the report includes insights from analysis of 131,697 Tweets by 1,034 CMO’s and marketing executives across the United States and Canada.

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