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Big Data for Geeks and Non-Geeks, Thanks Microsoft

Microsoft aims to do one thing better than anyone else: bring the power of productivity tools, big data, machine learning and data driven insight to both every day Jacks and Jills and geeks, and makes it look simple. How does it propose to do that? There’s Bing that tells Cortana who will win the World Cup and the Super Bowl, Delve that surfaces the content that’s most relevant to you without your needing to ask, Power BI that puts data driven insights and impressive, informative viz’s at your fingertips, Hadoop and machine learning delivered in the cloud, on premises and even on a silver platter (OK, maybe we’re going a bit too far). 

Free the Web From Google, Cage the IT Gorillas #OWF14


PARIS — The final note for today from Paris and the Open World Forum (OWF): Let’s de-Google the Internet. If that didn’t catch your attention, then this will: It can be done.

It’s almost a given that at any gathering of open source workers there’s going to be a lot of shouting about taking the web back, and putting Microsoft, Google, IBM, Apple and all the other IT gorillas back in their cages.

From previous experience, this usually takes place after about the fifth glass of wine, beer or whatever your particular poison happens to be (OK, after the second glass, if you don’t do it often).

OWF is no different, except the call to free the web from Google came during one of the sessions this afternoon. Pierre-Yves Gosset of Framasoft, a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of free, libre and open source software and culture, pointed out that not only should the web be freed of control by the big companies, but that it should also be decentralized.

In the City of Love, Microsoft Courts Open Source #OWF14


PARIS — Let’s face it. One of the things you don’t expect at an open source party is Microsoft. However, Microsoft is here at the Paris Open World Forum (OWF) and outlined its position on open source through the offices of Frederic Aatz, Director of Interoperability Strategy at Microsoft.

What does that title mean in English? You could describe him as the guy that gets things to work together — which was reflected in his message: Microsoft and open source need to get along.

Open Source, the US and French Pastries #OWF14


The seventh Paris Open World Forum (OWF) opened today in … well, where you might expect — Paris. And this year it’s all about reclaiming data. Not just about the data you use to carry out everyday business tasks, but about the kind of data that gets lost when IT companies close down the source.

Interestingly, even the password for access to the Wi-Fi system here underscores the drive of this conference, which is, according to Florent Zara, OWF president, is about demonstrating how enterprises and users can regain control of their data.

MapR Shares its Code, Cuddles Up with Canonical's Ubuntu

Open Source is sexy in a cloudy, big data world, but if you want your commercial-grade Hadoop distribution to be speedy, reliable and secure, you’ll be better off parting with a few dollars and buying a proprietary solution like ours.

Canonical's Ubuntu for Smartphones - A Mobile Interface to a Unified Platform

If you were releasing a new mobile platform these days, what would be your big differentiator? London-based Canonical has decided that its new Ubuntu for smartphones, announced this week, will be a “smartphone interface” that includes phones, tablets, desktops, televisions and the cloud. 

Ubuntu Coming to Tablets, Smartphones

Ubuntu Coming to Tablets, SmartphonesThe company behind the popular Ubuntu Linux, Canonical, will be bringing a dedicated version for the new era of phone and digital devices. Just don't expect it in 2012.

Microsoft's Bing Extends Twitter Search Deal

Microsoft’s search engine Bing has managed to come to agreement with Twitter to extend its deal that incorporates Tweets into Bing, with the result that, for at least another two years, Tweets will be searchable through Bing.

Will Android, Ubuntu Help Save HP's TouchPad?

A lot of HP TouchPad buyers probably got their hearts broken after HP announced its plans to spin off its PC business and drop support for webOS altogether. This sparked a handful of price drops, with the TouchPad retailing for firesale prices as low as $99 in most online stores and retail establishments. But with the TouchPad selling like hotcakes -- and running out of stock before you can say "touchpad" -- this can actually be a good opportunity for developers to resurrect the platform.

Document Mgt Roll-up: Hyland Releases OnBase 11, Ubuntu Supports Nuxeo Document Management

This week, Hyland released v11 of OnBase, Nuxeo announced it has made its document management software available for Ubuntu, Laserfiche has announced a Systems Integrator Program, M-Files offers support for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Adeptol released an SDK for its image viewing platform.

Nuxeo Makes It Easier to Do Document Management on Ubuntu Linux

nuxeo2011.jpgOpen source enterprise content management (ECM) provider Nuxeo (news, site) has long focused on supporting its user community with features that make development and implementation easier. The company is continuing the tradition with its latest move to support Ubuntu for its Document Management platform.

Deploy Open Source CMS Solutions with BitNami Virtual Appliances

BitNami releases Ubunti-based virtual appliancesOpen Source solutions are becoming even more popular by the day. But that doesn't mean they are any more easier to install and set up. BitNami (news, site) offers a number of new virtual appliances though that should do the trick.

Improving EdenWeb CMS: Usability, Marketing & Management

eden_logo.gifWhen we last visited the garden, we introduced the Eden Platform, a self-optimizing web content management system released by Preation. Designed to let entrepreneurs and marketers create and maintain an optimized website and generate more results without the need for any technical or web marketing expertise, Eden proved to be both affordable and useful.

Since then, the platform has seen a number of updates and enhancements directed at improving usability, marketing and website management. Let’s take a look.

Alfresco Community 3.2 Now Runs on Ubuntu Server

Alfresco Community 3.2 Available for UbuntuYes, it's true, the open source enterprise content management system that seems to live to support just about any environment has added another server to the list.

Alfresco (news, site) has announced that their Community Edition 3.2 can now be easily installed on Ubuntu Server Edition, free!

Alfresco just released the Community Edition 3.2 earlier this month. The latest version of the community edition of their open source enterprise content management software also includes some updated records management capabilities, improved Forms, IMAP support and a nice solution for the iPhone.

According to their 2008 Open Source Barometer report, which is a survey that reaches out to their 74,000 content community members to find out the preferences of open source technologies in the enterprise, Ubuntu was tied with Red Hat at 31% as the Linux operating system of choice.

"Ubuntu Server Edition is the most popular Linux distribution amongst the Alfresco user community.  We see many open source community members looking to use a combination of Alfresco as their content management solution and Ubuntu as their chosen operating system," said Martin Musierowicz, VP Alliances, Alfresco Software.

If that's true, why didn't Alfresco support Ubuntu from the beginning? We suppose the important thing is they do support it now.

Alfresco Community Edition 3.2 can be installed by users of Ubuntu Server Edition 9.04. Download your copy of Alfresco now using Ubuntu’s Package Manager functionality from Ubuntu's Partner repository.



Launchpad Takes Off Into Open Source Space

launchpad_logo_09.png Canonical (news, site), commercial sponsor of the well-known Ubuntu Linux distribution, Bazaar, Launchpad and several other projects, has just opened up. Wide.

The company announced that Launchpad, a software development spring board, collaboration platform, and Ubuntu’s personal bug tracker (among other things), was being prepped to join the open source world about a year ago. The claim was that all but two components of the code would be set free in roughly 12 months. Today, not only has Canonical lived up to their time frame promise, they've also surprised the community with the release of the entire code base. 

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