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Gigaom May Not Be Dead Yet

Gigaom mourners, heads up! It seems that the much loved publication is not dead yet.

Our conclusion is based on an email that we received Tuesday evening alerting us that next week’s Gigaom Structure Data Conference is unlikely to go on as scheduled.

Goodbye Gigaom: You Made Tech News Sparkle


For those of us who read and write about technology, this is a very sad day. Gigaom, which many of us know and love, has shut down.

We will miss it. We will miss the writers and their insightful, often entertaining, take on the news and the impact it might have on tomorrow.

FBI Warns Businesses to Brace for Foreign Hacker Attacks

The threat of International electronic terrorism appears to be rising, following two separate reports of hacker attacks on US business and government interests.

The FBI issued a warning about a highly destructive malware attack that may be coordinated by a foreign country and could be continuing over the next few weeks, according to a Reuters report. The warning comes in the wake of last week's devastating hacker attack on the Sony Pictures Corp. that kept many of its systems, including corporate email, down for as much as a week.  

In a separate report security firm Cylance noted that it has identified a hacker group out of a Iran — Operation Cleaver.

Stock Photo Agency Adds Social to Search


Sure a picture is worth a whole lotta words. But how do you find the right picture to use in your marketing?

As anyone who has combed the archives of a stock photo site can attest, it isn't easy. 

But Dreamstime, a stock photography agency based in Brentwood, Tenn., claims it has a solution. It's factoring social media into its search function.

Jackrabbit Oak Blends 'Performance and Dynamic UX'

There's a good reason for marketers to pay attention to Jackrabbit Oak, the newest version of the Apache Software Foundation's open source content repository — at least according to Chief Technical Officer and Hippo co-founder Arjé Cahn.

"Marketers should not have to choose between performance [in a website] and dynamic user experience," he told CMSWire

Hippo, which has offices in Boston, Mass. and Amsterdam, The Netherlands, offers an open source CMS. It's interested in Jackrabbit Oak because of its potential to help rapidly distribute dynamic content, and some members of the Hippo team have contributed code to the Jackrabbit project.

A content repository, according to the Apache Software Foundation, is "a hierarchical content store with support for structured and unstructured content, full text search, versioning, transactions, observation, and more."

Thismoment Wants Brands to Become Content DJs

To better spin user-generated content (UGC) into gold, content marketer Thismoment has announced its Content Cloud platform for rapidly organizing content into playlists that output as dynamic "cards."

Ankarino Lara, Thismoment's Chief Product Officer and co-founder, told CMSWire that the content on Content Cloud card is sometimes literally viewed as a interactive card, like on Twitter. In other cases, the "card" is more a content container that can be rendered via API in different ways for different formats, such as Facebook, Pinterest or Tumblr.

New InboundWriter Update Gives Context to Your Content Marketing #CMWorld

A successful content marketing strategy accounts for where content will ultimately be published. To effectively gauge how content will perform, it's essential that you understand how it measures up against your competitors as well as leaders in your industry. After all, there's a big difference between publishing a blog post to a website with a limited reach and publishing an article to a prominent, well-read website with a large audience. Even if you use popular keywords and write strategically about relevant topics, if you're not factoring in the reality of your website's influence, you may be setting your web content up for failure.

Betaworks Acquires Instapaper, Enhancements Are Expected To Continue

New media company, Betaworks has announced that it has acquired Instapaper, a read-it-later platform.

Create Interactive HTML5-Based Content with Easy WebContent Presenter

Cloud-based software company, Easy WebContent has released Easy WebContent Presenter to help both small and large organizations create more interactive web content.

YouTube Builds Paywall, Kills Create App Partnership

Sorry, cord cutters. If you got rid of a Comcast subscription and instead watch lots of YouTube, Google is about to reach into your wallet because some of the most popular channels could be going to a paywall format.

InboundWriter Releases New, iPad-Friendly Version of Its Content Optimization App

inboundwriter logo 62712.pngWriters who use Apple’s iPad now have another tool at their disposal. On Thursday, InboundWriter announced the new release of its content optimization system, which now works on the popular tablet.

Yahoo and CNBC Strike Content-Sharing Deal

yahoo logo 61512.pngYahoo and CNBC will be sharing content, according to an announcement by the companies earlier this week. The deal is another step in Yahoo’s plan to acquire more content, and to generate more original content, as it positions itself as a premium media network.

Amazon AWS Opens Up for Dynamic Web Content on CloudFront


Amazon's CloudFront has long let users host and distribute the static content elements for websites. Now the service can play host to dynamic content as well, adding support for the full scope of a dynamic, content-rich site or service with access to EC2 applications.

UX is Destroying the World! Will UX Come to the Rescue?

My article from last week was a labor of love and I was pleased with the quality of the Twitter response. The big shortcoming of the article, correctly pointed out by my editor, is a shortcoming of my articles in general. It is not even close to accessible to the audience on CMSWire. My use of terms like "reductionism," "monists" and "unary thinkers," while precise and evocative, are not the best choice in terms of audience accessibility. This lack of accessibility from a writing perspective is akin to making a functional site or interface intimidating and lacking in affordance (another fancy UX word).

The Future of Publishing: Storytelling & Content Monetization

RocketSpace and Pearson Publishing put together a panel discussion in San Francisco this week on "The Future of Publishing". They assembled an esteemed group of progressive publishers attempting to tease-out the future of our dear publishing industry. The passion of the panelists was as evident as their exasperation as they discussed the present state of publishing, the near future, and the sort-of-not-too-distant future. Here's the concise version of the evening.

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