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1.75B Reasons You Should Redesign Your Website

2015-24-February-mobile.jpgThere are a lot of good reasons to redesign your website. It's dated. It's slow. It's hard to navigate. 

But there are 1.75 billion more.

That's the number of people who use smartphones or tablets, according to HP. And if your site isn't winning over customers on small screens, well, let's just say those people have a lot of choices.

Rethink Your Redesign Strategies to Hit Your Targets


The central message of 2014 for digital marketers couldn't be much clearer:  give customers the information they need on whatever devices they're using.

That theme surfaced again Tuesday in a CMSWire webinar sponsored by Ektron, "Website Redesign: Strategy First, Tactics Second." Two Ektron executives, CEO Bill Rogers and CMO Lou Jordano, provided a roadmap they said will help marketers attract more business from different types of customers. You can watch the webinar here or at the end of this story.

"It's tactics that win marketing battles, but strategy that wins wars," said Jordano, who led the first part of the presentation. "You have to have your website strategy clearly in mind before kicking off any redesign or rebranding project." 

Print is View, Web is Do

How much of your organization’s online world is made up of dead zones and how much is do zones? A dead zone is any space where there’s nothing to do. It’s a big pretty picture, or a huge graphic-heavy masthead, or a long-winded explanation of what you do or what the customer can do. The customer doesn’t want an explanation of what they can do. They just want to do.


Revenge of the Brochureware Billboard Designers

Organizations can’t resist broadcasting when customers just want to get something done. 

Web Experience: The Functional Heart of Web Design

The fact that GOV.UK has won a top design award shows that the benefits of functional web design are finally being recognized. 

Summary of 'Creating Your Brand in SharePoint 2013 On-Premises or In the Cloud' #spc12

Fresh from my first developer session at the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, "Creating Your Brand in SharePoint 2013 On-Premises or In the Cloud," I'm here to share a few of presenters Randy Drisgill and John Ross's tips for building a branded website in SharePoint 2013.

Adobe Edge Animate Seeks to Unleash the Beauty of the Web

The Web has been called many things both good and bad, but “beauty” is not a trait often associated with cyberspace. Adobe is seeking to change that with the release of Adobe Edge Animate 1.0, a set of Web design applications and services it says will allow designers and developers to “more easily create beautiful websites, digital content and mobile apps.”

Web Experience: Lean Usability as a Design Model

Lean usability focuses on customer needs and quickly iterates its way to success based on evidence of customer behavior.

Quark Releases DesignPad for iPad

On Wednesday, Quark announced a preview release of its DesignPad app for grid-based design on an iPad.

35,000-Foot View of SharePoint 2013 for Designers

Are you ready for SharePoint 2013?

In this third installation of my four part series giving a 35,000-foot overview of some of the major changes expected in SharePoint 2013, we will be looking at some of the new features that will specifically affect SharePoint designers.

Responsive Web Design is the Wrong Paradigm

Responsive Web Design is hot. With the rise of all kinds of devices like mobile phones, tablets, internet-TVs, all kinds of form factors for laptops and PCs, the traditional way of designing websites needed to be changed.

Plone 4.2 Released, Open Source CMS Adds Diazo Theming

plone_logo_2010.jpgOpen source CMS maker Plone has released version 4.2, and there are two main features including a new rules-based theming option from Diazo.

The Rise of Responsive Design or Why Today's Most Popular Mobile Strategy is Doomed to Failure

In 2007, Steve Jobs took the stage and announced that Apple was poised to introduce a revolutionary phone and a breakthrough Internet communications device. The big reveal during this announcement was that these 2 products were actually 1 product and it was called the iPhone. This device would make the Internet and the web more accessible than ever.

Adobe Muse 1.0 Promises Web Design Without Code Writing

Adobe Muse 1.0 Promises Web Design Without Code Writing Adobe Muse 1.0 Web design software finally rolls out of beta and is available as a standalone subscription or as part of the new Adobe Creative Cloud membership.

A Picture or a 1000 Words? Use and Abuse of Visual Assets on Websites

The theme of this month’s issue is digital asset management, a technology that I know very little about. What I do know is that they help web managers manage photographs, videos and other graphic media assets, so let me offer some reflections on these.

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