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Yandex News & Analysis

Yandex Updates Smart Email Sorting Tool

Yandex Updates Smart Email Sorting ToolYandex, sometimes called the Google of Russia, has updated a smart sorting tool within its email system that helps people take actions on a variety of emails like meeting invites and e-tickets.

Yandex Adds Actionable Context to Search Results with Islands

Yandex search island.pngAn example of Yandex' new search "island."

Yandex is the latest search engine to announce new revisions designed to make it a faster, more useful tool as Russia’s largest search engine announced the launch of “islands” this week. 

New Android Foundation Seeks to Reduce Time for Multiple Appstore Distribution

One Platform Foundation, New Android Foundation Seeks to Reduce Time for Multiple Appstore Distribution
From the One Platform Foundation's website

Android developers have had more flexibility in choosing the stores through which they could deliver their apps than developers for the platform of a certain fruit-named company. While Google Play is the biggest Android outlet, it’s not the only one. Now, Opera, Yandex and others are backing a new initiative to make it easier for Android developers to submit their wares across a range of Android stores. 

Yandex Android App Store Debuts

Russian search engine company Yandex has opened its own app store version for Android devices, and it has 50,000 paid and free apps at launch.

Microsoft's Bing Looks Over Shoulder, Sees Yandex Passing By

In the monthly race for search queries worldwide, Microsoft’s Bing search engine was beaten in November and December by… Yandex. If you’re asking, “What is Yandex?”, you obviously do not live in Russia. 

Do 1 billion Users Mean the Open Web is Dead?

After one week in the Apple App Store, Facebook has blocked a Yandex app called Wonder from accessing user data in the social search app's quest to help friends find what each other are doing, listening to and reading. Open web...yea right.

Facebook Not Being So Friendly, Blocks Yandex, Voxer and Vine

bardedwire.jpg Is 2013 the year social media goes to war? We've already seen Twitter disrupting Facebook's Instagram app integration, now Facebook is blocking access from Twitter's newly-launched Vine app and other services to further muddy the social scene. 

Yandex Gets Personal with Search Results

213775.jpgRussian search engine provider Yandex is now offering its users search personalization as part of a new search platform Kaliningrad.

Russia's Yandex Launches Its Own Browser & a Mobile App Store

When you’re the top search engine and most visited website in Russia, as Yandex is, you don’t want Google coming in and eating your virtual lunch. To help keep its lunch for itself, Yandex is launching two new products. 

Yandex Maps Integrates with Apple iOS6, Where's Google?

Leading Russian search engine Yandex is entering into a major partnership with Apple. As reported in Businessweek, Yandex, the Russian equivalent of Google, will have its Yandex Maps location service integrated with Apple iOS6-based devices sold in Russia.

Ensighten Releases Free 'Do Not Track' Tool for Publishers

Thumbnail image for Ensighten logo.pngCookies. Those software namesakes of the sugar-charged morsels are central to the growing Do Not Track (DNT) movement, and now Ensighten has released a free Web tool to help publishers follow and disable the tags that use cookies.

Yandex, Twitter Partner to License 'Firehose' Data for Search

Social media sentiment is increasing in importance, so much that Google has started indexing Google+ content. The search giant is even updating its results pages to likewise reflect content from its home-grown social network. Twitter is likewise taking advantage of search engines incorporating its social media stream, and is evident with the microblogging service's latest partnership with Yandex.

Publishing for Tablets: Going Native?

So where were we? In the first article of this series, What You Need To Know About iOS and Android, we decided that the wise publisher currently targets iOS first and Android second. In a second article, Data Formats for Fixed and Flowable Content, we agreed that HTML is the sensible way to expose a publisher’s content to the world. Today we’ll talk about how we take this content and create wonderful tablet apps.

Politician Wants to Ban PowerPoint; Would He Get Your Vote?

Politician Wants to Ban PowerPoint; Would He Get Your Vote? That's a hypothetical question, unless you're in Switzerland, but he makes an interesting point. Would presentations be more interesting if the speaker didn't get to rely on whizzy graphics and effects of PowerPoint?

Russia Search Giant Yandex Goes Public; Raises US$ 1.3 Billion

Yandex Logo.pngRussia's leading search company -- and the world's seventh-biggest search engine -- has recently completed its initial public offering, opening at higher-than-expected US$ 25 per share and raising US$ 1.3 billion in the process.

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