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Forrester's Customer Experience Index: The Good, The Bad and the Poor - Page 2

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Wireless companies fluctuated, with the best getting better and the worst getting worse. In the credit card sector, the gap narrowed between the best and the worst.

Customer Experience Future Experiences

Burns concludes that companies need to be thinking of the future and warns those waiting for the upturn that this alone will not solve all problems. With that in mind, she says that in terms of customer experience we can expect:

1. Value brands

Value Brands will keep building. Over the next three years value brands will take more and more market share and will win more and more customers by delivering high-quality customer experience that is not necessarily predicated on value for money.

2. Upturn

When the economy eventually does improve, it will be the companies with better CX that will recover faster. She says that an analysis of customer experience leaders over a five-year period shows that those that provided a better customer experience, crushed under heel those that didn't really make an effort. Those that provide better customer experience will also see those customers that stuck with them through the hard times stick with them now.

3. Patience

It takes time for CX scores to rise and even those companies that have introduced CX programs will have to wait to see any sign of progress. Only those that stick to their guns over a number of years will see competitive results.

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