Sure, customers can be loyal to brands they like. But how effective are the current and developing loyalty tools in creating a stronger relationship with a brand? A new report from Forrester Research attempts to point the way toward Loyalty 2.0. 

The report, TechRadar for Customer Intelligence Professionals: Customer Loyalty Programs, Q1 2013, looks at the current state and future plans of 13 loyalty tools -- affiliate networks, card-linked rewards, coupons, daily deals, gamification, location-based services, loyalty aggregators, mobile apps, points-to-shares converters, program websites, social networking pages, social rewards and U.S. loyalty coalitions.

Overall, it found that most programs remain “stuck on ‘Loyalty 1.0’ and have not successfully evolved beyond the transaction toward customer engagement and emotional loyalty.”

Member Interactions

The 13 tools were chosen because they are centered on member interactions, deliver some value to the customer and the company, and have received industry attention.

The report, which interviewed 15 companies engaged in customer loyalty such as Kobie Marketing and Bunchball, noted that the first generation of loyalty programs were focused on points and discounts to encourage purchases, but now, with so many loyalty offerings, the challenge is to hold the customer’s attention and evolve toward engagement and emotional loyalty.

Forrester said that loyalty programs not only offer marketplace differentiation and help in securing a steady base of regular customers, but can offer the value exchange that many customers want for providing the kind of personal data that marketers crave.

Creation Phase

But, while the report envisions a key goal for loyalty programs is their evolution from being transaction-based to offering emotional engagement, it found that few are actually doing that.

The report characterized two of the tools -- points-to-share converters and U.S. loyalty coalitions -- as still being in a nascent or “Creation” phase, so their value cannot yet be determined. Points-to-share converters add another potential redemption option for consumers’ points -- trading points for shares of company stock.

This could potentially put consumers literally on the side on the brand, but the promise is still “largely theoretical” with some potentially considerable obstacles -- not the least of which is SEC regulations.

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