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In Between Websites and Landing Pages, A Better Post-Click Experience Awaits - Page 2

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The results? Conversion rates jumped to as much as 19 percent.

Of course, their success wasn’t just from the fact that this was a multi-page experience instead of a single-page landing page. The quality of the design was quite compelling, featuring full-bleed images of the kinds of work students would be able to produce if they pursued this career.

But that too is an important difference between a cliché landing page and a creative post-click experience. A great post-click experience has a high-quality look and feel with an effective design that helps express your value proposition to prospects. At a higher level, it communicates that you have an ethos of excellence in your work. Aside from lifting your conversion rate, that’s also good for your brand.

Now, you may be thinking that these post-click experiences are impressive, but they've got to be a heck of a lot more work to produce, right? Is it really worth it?

To which I offer three answers:

First, great post-click experiences are really just a handful of well-designed pages instead of a single under-designed landing page. They’re not that much more work. The biggest hurdle to overcome is the mental one of breaking free from the relic landing page mold.

Second, there is software out there that can help you produce and test multi-page post-click experiences. But nothing I've shared here requires a specific software solution.

And third, let me turn the question around. If you could increase the performance of your lead generation programs by five times with a little more investment in the creativity and quality of what happens to your prospects after the click, wouldn't it be worth it?

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Scott Brinker is the co-founder and CTO of ion interactive. You can connect with him on Twitter as @chiefmartec.

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