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Truscott concluded his presentation by discussing the challenges and opportunities presented by what he termed the “content explosion” that has happened in recent years. “How do you get subject matter experts to engage consumers?” he asked. “There are more authors and more systems than ever before.”

Building the Business Case

In response to an audience question in the Q&A portion of the webinar following prepared presentations, Rose said that marketers should focus on building a business case for Web engagement, rather than an ROI model. “ROI is setting goals for results that are not prerequisites for trying something new,” he stated. “Web engagement is new for most organizations.”

To build a business case for Web engagement, Rose recommended marketers work slowly and start by taking an existing tactic that is not working too well and infusing it with “more engaging content that drives and supports customers on their buying journey.”

Truscott added that Web engagement is not about getting hits on a website. “Publish a picture of a cute, fluffy kitten and you’ll get thousands of hits,” he said. “Find out what kind of engagement you’re trying to achieve and focus on actions that are achieving this. Advocacy is valuable, not just the initial purchase.”

To further illustrate the extended value of an engaged consumer, Rose described the experience of a client in the debt consolidation industry that discovered that although it took more time and more money to bring customers who it engaged more thoughtfully into the office for a consultation, when these engaged customers came in and signed up, they were 500 times more likely to make a first payment and then continue to make payments.

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