It’s been a slow start this year in terms of predictions and lists. Normally at this stage in January we have to stop looking at them. There are many possible reasons why this year is different, the most likely reason however could be the economic uncertainty and how businesses will deal with it this year. That said, Gartner has still been able to identity a top ten digital technology wish-list for 2013.

IT, Business ROI

There is a lot of interesting information around this survey, which was conducted with 2053 CIO’s, who are part of Gartner's Executive Programs, at the end of last year. Not least of these tid-bits is the fact that only 43% of technology’s true business potential is being exploited to give companies a competitive edge. This, Gartner says, can’t continue, and if IT is to remain relevant in an increasingly digital world then there will have to be a substantial increase in this percentage.

Overall, the CIO’s that were surveyed are responsible for more than US$ 230 billion in global IT budgets, so for vendors that are reading this, it is probably a good idea to take notes as people that control these kinds of budgets exercise real muscle in the market.

According to the report that was developed around the survey -- "Hunting and Harvesting in a Digital World: The 2013 CIO Agenda" -- this year will become a tipping point for many of the technologies that we are currently using.

Tipping Point Technologies

In particular, tipping point technologies include mobile, analytics, big data, social and cloud technologies. IT departments will have to drive more value out of these as business leaders look for better ROI on existing deployments. IT departments will have no choice as spending on technology will remain flat for this year -- the fifth year running -- and CIOs will have develop new IT strategies and plans that go beyond the usual day-to-day maintenance of an enterprise IT infrastructure.

Digital technologies provide a platform to achieve results, but only if CIOs adopt new roles and behaviors to find digital value…CIOs require a new agenda that incorporates hunting for new digital innovations and opportunities, and harvesting value from products, services and operations,” Mark McDonald of Gartner said.