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Playing with Gamification: Employee and Consumer Perspectives

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We've discussed gamification a lot lately. Why it works for many organizations. Why it may not work. Where a major research firm thinks it's going.

So we cast our gamification fishing lines to find companies who swear by the concept of motivating customers and employees. And we got a couple bites.

Gartner Sticks to its Failing Gamification Prediction

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A little more than a year ago, Gartner said gamification was being "driven by novelty and hype" and that by 2014, 80 percent of current gamified applications will "fail to meet business objectives primarily because of poor design." Standing by that, Gartner?

"We think it is still on track," Brian Burke, Gartner's research vice president and lead on gamification told CMSWire this week. "In our 2013 Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, we place gamification at the ‘Peak of Inflated Expectations’. We continue to believe it will move into the ‘Trough of Disillusionment’ in 2014." 

Gamification: Game With the Concept?

Next year will be the year gamification fails. It’s a concept built on hype, and 80 percent of all programs will die by 2014, according to Gartner

Rajat Paharia disagrees — 100 percent. The founder of Bunchball, a provider of online gamification solutions, he thinks it is only logical, in a data-driven world, that organizations implement gamification strategies to motivate employees and customers, and recognize, reward and encourage a deeper learning of concepts for better business outcomes.

Which side of the gamification hemisphere are you on? Is it a fad or here to stay? We caught up this week with a few industry insiders to find out what they had to say.

6 Ways to Drive Intranet Engagement to Unleash Corporate Knowledge

intranets, employee enagement, social business The adage “build it and they will come” has never rung true for intranets. Many intranets built with the best intentions fall into disuse for lack of employee engagement. But it does not need to be that way.

Game On: NICE Systems and Bunchball Gamify Workforce Optimization Solutions

NICE Systems Gamification

Can enterprise call center employees be motivated by gamification techniques? Performance optimization provider NICE Systems and gamification vendor Bunchball think so, and have formed a partnership to help improve performance among customer-facing and back office employees by using virtual challenges, contests and quests.

Forrester Report: It's Not Gamification, It's How You Use It

Forrester Report: It's Not Gamification, It's How You Use It Can gamification improve customer engagement? Yes, says a new report from Forrester Research -- but some companies misunderstand the concept and misuse the techniques. 

Discussion Point: Gamification & Unhealthy Competition

Gamification is certainly a hot topic nowadays. We've seen the power it has to engage customers, and now many companies are turning to gamification within the workplace in hopes to engage their employees like they have their customers. But is it a good idea, or does gamification cause an unhealthy competition amongst co-workers?

Weekend Reads: Yin and Yang of Customer Communities, Gamification in the Workplace

This week gave us a look at what needs to go on internally and externally to make customer communities work, we talked gamification, SharePoint and took a look at risk management through discovery readiness. 

More Than a Game: Introducing Game Mechanics to the Workforce

Who wants to be a loser? No one.

Badgeville Appoints Experienced Cloud & Social Technology Exec, Kevin Comee, as CEO

Gamification and behavior management platform provider Badgeville has appointed Kevin Comee, an experienced cloud and social technology executive, as its new CEO.

Tweet Jam Recap: Gamification & the Challenges of Creating Engaged Employees

Things certainly got heated during yesterday's Tweet Jam! So, what did our experts have to say about gamification and challenges surrounding employee engagement? Read part two of our Tweet Jam Recap to find out.

Salesforce Picks Badgeville to Build Engagement with Apps

Cloud giant Salesforce has chosen Badgeville to drive engagement with its tools for building web apps.

Engaging Naturally is the Highest Form of Employee Engagement

How does technology impact employee engagement? We posed this question to Workshare Co-founder and CTO, Barry Hadfield to see what he'd have to say in light of some of its recent releases.

Gamification in the Enterprise - I Just Don't Get It

There's been a lot of talk about Gamification lately, and while I'm no expert, I'd like to take some time to explain why I just don't get it, why I don't think I ever will, and why I think the current treatment of the subject is overblown and heading into "trendy fad" territory.

Weekend Reads: Taking Games to Work, Governance in the Cloud

Unsure where gamification can best be used within your company? Still figuring out how to establish a real measurement of employee engagement? Unclear which direction to take with the Yammer/SharePoint roadmap? Contemplating a move to the cloud but haven't thought out your governance strategy? This week's contributors have got you covered.

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