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Newsweek News & Analysis

Newsweek Drops Print Edition, It's Digital Publishing Only for 2013

After almost 80 years in print publication, weekly U.S news magazine, Newsweek is leaving the print world behind. Today, the magazine’s parent company, The Newsweek/Daily Beast Company LLC, announced that the long time magazine would cease the publication of their print version, in favor of a digital one in early 2013.


Web Publishing Roll Up: Increasing Prices, Online Presence

This week in Web Publishing brings us some sage advice, courtesy of ReadWriteWeb COO, Bernard Lunn.

He encourages bloggers and journalists to look optimistically to the future, rid ourselves of all the bad elements of what weighs the publishing industry down and keep the parts that make up happy -- namely a strong desire to find the truth, among others.

He also recommends evaluating the reasons we rely and respect true journalism and ultimately accept that it costs money. "Until we as an industry can do a better job at monetizing quality at correlating quality with revenue," Lunn says "the sensible business decision is simply to go after page views, any page views."

Web Publishing Roll Up: Newspapers, Democracy and Online Jobs

Americans are traditionally sentimental towards newspapers. They represent democracy, freedom and all that America was built upon. Yet, in these changing and challenging times, newspapers are no longer reliable employers. Nor are they able to generate revenue. This week, newspapers get a government intervention and are upstaged by new media.

Newsweek Refines -- Rather than Revolutionizes -- Its Design

newsweek logo.png

While we sat about ruminating over how print media is emulating the Web, Newsweek was busy redesigning its magazine to give readers something different.

And instead of inserting snappy sound bytes and intriguing blog-like entries, Newsweek bets that readers want to read more, not less.

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