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Smarsh Launches Compliance Archiving for Salesforce Chatter

How can the explosion in social media communications conform to compliance requirements? Compliance solution provider Smarsh has launched Archiving & Compliance for Salesforce Chatter, that might just make it a little easier for companies to meet those standards.

Smarsh Study Shows e-Communications Compliance is Evolving

SmarshLogo2.jpgIn March, Smarsh released an infographic that warned us about the risky business of social media within the financial industry. It recently released its 2012 Electronic Communications Compliance Survey, which continued to outline the challenges facing financial services when it comes to online communications. However, it seems as though in some areas, they are beginning to adapt and adopt.

Social Media Mixes with Financial Industry

It’s an exciting time to be mixing financial and social. While many in the financial industry have been carefully wading into the social waters (and with good reason), more solutions have emerged to help them weather the social storm in an effort to engage with their users online.

Smarsh Identifies Gaps in Governance of Electronic Communications

SmarshLogo2.jpgAt FINRA's annual conference this week, Smarsh, a managed service vendor in secure, innovative and reliable email archiving and compliance solutions, released a report that reaffirms what we know about the compliance industry: It has issues.

One Year Later: Revisiting FINRA's Social Media Usage Guidelines

A year ago FINRA, the regulator that oversees brokers and other financial advisors, released guidelines for social media usage. Since then, financial advisors have carefully tip-toed into the social media landscape, thanks to financial networking sites like and Smarsh.

Smarsh Partners with LIMRA to Provide Social Media Compliance

Thumbnail image for smarsh logo.pngWe recently introduced you to Smarsh, an organization that provides hosted solutions for archiving electronic communications, including various social media platforms. This week Smarsh and LIMRA formed a strategic partnership designed to help its members meet a variety of needs associated with electronic message archiving and compliance.

Smarsh Offers Resources for Social Media Compliance

smarsh logo.png

As more and more financial advisers wade into social media, the seas are still uncharted. There are still risks associated with combining the financial and social media industries.

Though many businesses are still resistant to engage via social media platforms, research has shown that if done correctly, the results can be beneficial.

GRC Roll-up: Mitigating Risk In Social Networks, A New Privacy Bill in the Works?

The growing use of social networks has received a considerable amount of attention this week from companies looking to mitigate the risk associated with the information that appears in them. There are also further moves in Washington to protect personal information.

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