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Vimeo News & Analysis

YouTube One Channel, Vimeo On Demand Now Available for Video Creators

YouTube and Vimeo are adding features to make their services more appealing to video creators. YouTube is now offering its One Channel platform, formerly in beta, to all of its users, and Vimeo is allowing any Video Pro account holder to charge for access to videos. 

Vimeo Buys Echograph App for Creating Moving Photos

Video and photos differ only in the time segment that they swipe. A new app blends them together, and video site Vimeo has just bought that app. 

Vimeo Sets Up Tip Jar, Paywall

Vimeo Sets Up Tip Jar, PaywallHow can you make money from content on the Web? Vimeo recently added two new features that can help to answer that age-old question for its videomakers.

Vimeo Unveils New Social Links to Facebook, Twitter, Google+

Online video-sharing service Vimeo has unveiled a new set of links to the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google+ social networking sites. The Facebook and Twitter links build upon existing functionality, while the other links are new extensions of the Vimeo platform.

Dropbox Videos Now Easily Upload to Vimeo

dropbox_logo_2011.jpgUsers with full Dropbox accounts now have the opportunity to free up some space via an integration that loads videos seamlessly into the Vimeo platform through a Dropbox API.

Apple Ditching YouTube App From iOS 6

applelogo.png Since the launch of the very first iPhone, the YouTube app has sat proudly on the front screen, eager to play the latest video content. That all changes as Apple cuts it from the smartphone, for various reasons, in the upcoming iOS 6.0.

Vimeo's Redesign Responds to Privacy, Copyright Concerns

Vimeo's Redesign Responds to Privacy, Copyright ConcernsIn the last year or so, Vimeo, the video sharing site, has reached 50 million users worldwide up from 30 million a year ago. In fact, it’s fairly common to have video links across social networks redirect to Vimeo. Its growing popularity has lead Vimeo to undergo a website design that provides registered users with a better Vimeo experience.

Feeling Our Way Around a Dark Internet #SOPAStrike

Feeling Our Way Around a Dark Internet #SOPAStrikeToday, parts of the Internet have gone dark in protest of proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation. From 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., many sites are showing their solidarity by blacking out their sites and redirecting users to sign online petitions or encouraging them to contact their congressperson to voice their concerns.

Social Media Minute: Job Hunting on Facebook, TED Goes YouTube

Social media moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. Here are the week's top stories in scan-friendly format:

  • Job Hunting Via Facebook Connections
  • Report Says Twitter Wants To Buy TweetDeck
  • TED Taking Auditions Via YouTube and Vimeo
  • Al Jazeera Starts Social News Show

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