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Four Web Content Management Trends in 2013 Every Marketer Needs to Know - Page 2

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From Cloud to Beyond

Web content management must enable hybrid architectures across on-premises and in the cloud to support all parts of a company's digital entity. Factors such as time-to-market, scaling to peak demand from marketing campaigns and data security will drive the need for systems that have the most flexible deployment models. Just as digital experiences are everywhere, so must the Web content management system of the 21st century.

From Clicks to (Relevant) Content and Community

Digital marketers and Web content managers will need to focus more on what happens past the first click as the digital space becomes ever more hot, flat and crowded. The explosions of ad spend and content elbowing for the same bucket of customer attention will drive the ultimate price of first-time visits through the roof. This will force marketers to fortify their chest of downstream content that creates the first and ongoing impressions that make visitors crave more and gives them a reason to return.

Alas, creating relevant content is hard, so some will jump-start this by amping up their community to power user-generated content. Because of this, more focus will be placed on Web CMSs to make it even easier for subject matter experts, whether within the company or in the community, to author content.

In fact, the entire model of Web content management will shift to enable social across all online interactions, particularly mobile. Be gone to silos that have traditionally left social interaction to branded social communities and the rest of the website isolated.

2013 will be the year organizations devoted to staying relevant in the 21st century will need to get serious about how they build out their brand's digital entity. Aggressive execution starts with a Web content management foundation that quickly ties data insights to action, fully supports mobile and social interactions and delivers relevant content to each visitor.

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As director of product & industry marketing for Adobe's Digital Marketing Solutions, Loni Stark leads a team responsible for defining solutions and go-to-market strategies essential to CMOs and digital marketers worldwide. Stark has over 14 years experience helping businesses apply technology to optimize critical functions to meet business objectives including building brand awareness and driving consumer demand.

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