Things are good at Silverpop, the email service provider.

The Atlanta, Ga.-based provider had the best revenue growth year-over-year in the first quarter in six years. It was acquired by IBM last month. It's got 5,000 brands using it and 25,000 marketers. It's gotten some praise in the industry by analysts who say it gets marketing automation and its regarded among the visionaries for the concept of behavioral marketing.

"In the last three to six months, this idea of behavioral marketing and the notion of the individualized, one to one customer experience is finally getting widespread," Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop, told CMSWire. "Analysts are crediting us for being years ahead of anyone. The recognition of this vision is really coming to fruition. We're years ahead of the marketplace."

IBM's Buying It

As big as its first quarter was, Silverpop's in for bigger changes.

IBM became the latest big fish to scoop up a respected player in the digital marketing software world when it announced its acquisition of Silverpop. IBM gained the marketing automation provider's cloud-based capabilities that deliver personalized customer engagements with real-time personalization technology in scalable environments. 

customer experience, At Silverpop, Record Revenues, Industry Kudos and IBM Buy

At least one competitor said it could trigger an integration nightmare. But Nussey defended his company's ability to integrate -- with IBM and in general. He said integration is in Silverpop's DNA, and it's successfully integrated with several platforms, including IBM's.

"We already work with IBM," Nussey said. "They're a great partner. I think we're going to be very successful. It's in our DNA to partner and integrate with other companies."

Behavioral Pioneers

Nussey in his interview with CMSWire this week kept coming back to the notion of behavioral marketing. The true, one-on-one, personalized approach through marketing automation. 

That, he said, is a big part of Silverpop's success. Ian Michiels, principal and CEO of Pleasanton, Calif.-based Gleanster Research, blogged that 1,500 of the 5,000 brands using Silverpop's platform use the behavioral marketing capabilities.

B2B marketing automation transformed B2B marketing, Nussey said. What would we want to hear dropping in on a customer conversation, we asked?

"That Silverpop allows us to automate these individual experiences," Nussey said. "That by using Silverpop, they can change the way they think about marketing and make it natural and easy to think about marketers one at a time." 

What's Next?

Nussey earlier this month at his company's customer conference talked about continued enhancements to the Silverpop Engage interface which will complement Silverpop's digital marketing automation capabilities with multichannel campaign management functionality.