Transform Social Marketing ROI From a Myth Into RealityHere’s a question I still get way too often: “What’s the ROI of social media?” It’s usually a B2B marketer that’s doing the asking, someone seemingly resigned to spending valuable time and resources on social media without really understanding why. Or it's a marketer that totally gets the value of investing in the company blog, Twitter profile and LinkedIn groups but still needs help convincing their “old-school” CMO or CFO that investing in social media is worth it. 

Aren’t we marketers now experts at calculating the return on all our online marketing initiatives? Why is social media such a tough nut to crack?

Whatever the case, let’s look at why, 10 years after the founding of LinkedIn and eight years after the inaugural tweet,  this question persists.

Why Is the ROI of Social Media So Hard to Determine?

In my experience working with B2B marketers, I’ve come across a number of reasons: