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More than a few pairs of eyes are on Cirrus Insight, the Laguna Hills, Calif., CRM app developer that integrates Salesforce with Gmail. Nearly 7,300 pairs of eyes, to be precise.

We know. Our last two pieces on the 13-employee provider -- our Nov. 26 piece, Cirrus Insight to Unite Salesforce, Gmail on Mobile Devices  and our Cirrus Insight Brings Pardot, Hubspot Marketing Automation to Gmail piece on Feb. 6 generated this interest.

So why’s the little two-year-old provider so hot at the moment?

Customer: Winning Over Employees

Endeavor, the New York City global nonprofit that connects entrepreneurs with established businesses and industry moves and shakers in emerging and growth markets, is a Cirrus Insight customer.

They currently support 326 companies, more than 800 entrepreneurs and more than 2,000 active mentors. They claim to have created 200,000-plus high-quality jobs and generated $5 billion in revenues in 2011.

Endeavor uses Salesforce to manage its global operations, and Google Apps for email, calendar and contacts.

Where does Cirrus Insight enter the picture? With Endeavor’s AppExchange app that connects Google Apps with Salesforce.

Peter Olivier, project manager for the Endeavor Access platform, where Endeavor manages its clients, told CMSWire his organization has been using Cirrus Insight’s apps since last summer. Initially just himself and a couple colleagues, Olivier said the entire New York City-based team is using it, and there are plans to roll it out to 200 more worldwide. 

“We are in that crew of people who are excited about Cirrus,” Olivier said. “The reason Cirrus has been so successful and useful to us is that it allows you to develop critical information that is in your CRM or Salesforce and get it into the place where people make decisions.”

And that would be, in this case, the Gmail inbox. How are you going to write that email? Who are you going to send it to?

“Those things are happening in the inbox,” said Olivier, whose team is almost complete with a migration from Office to Gmail for its enterprise email system.

No Justification of Resources Needed

Traditionally, people on Salesforce struggle to enter pertinent information on customers. “You ask them to write an email, and then go someplace else to go log that in. It’s asking a lot,” Olivier said. “People get tired of that.”