Ask Susan Scrupski what the mission of the 2.0 Adoption Council -- an online venue for Enterprise 2.0 implementation leaders to share lessons learned from the implementation projects of large, corporate teams -- is and she’ll describe her approach to nurturing its growth in the past year.

This is Part 2 of an interview with Scrupski continuing with the discussion of the 2.0 Adoption Council, elaborating in depth Ms. Scrupski’s mission and good intentions. Please note the interview was conducted on April 13, 2010.

Read Part 1 of the interview to get up to speed

Membership in the Council

Scrupski will tell you the success of the Council depends on her conversations with the membership itself. 

In a sector that’s growing very quickly--the market was moving too fast even for its experts—I knew from the beginning that customers needed more interaction to judge the success of its pilot implementations. It may be a great idea, but where you have a passionate, engaged membership, you have success--I give a lot of credit to them.”

Membership in the Council is earned because its members work hard to maintain good relations with their corporate colleagues. Ms. Scrupski states that the best members of a corporate implementation team include Legal and Risk Management, “because you want to know their early objections. They’re not the best corporate sponsors for Enterprise 2.0, however. The team will need Marketing, Human Resources, Research & Development, Finance and definitely Information Technology.”

A member of the Council calls upon multiple skills sets.  Ms. Scrupski is impressed with project management in particular, which partners nicely with E2.0 implementations.

Yes, in fact, our Internal Evangelist of the Year, Claire Flanagan, has strong PM skills. She put together an amazing slide presentation to plan for our upcoming workshop at E2.0 Boston; everyone knows what they’re to do and when. My role on the Council is like a concierge; folks who are good at this have a command of detail that is impressive. In short, it’s a great segue from project manager to E2.0 evangelist.”

Internal Evangelist of the Year

To recognize that spirit of corporate evangelism, the 2.0 Adoption Council awards an, “Internal Evangelist of the Year” designation. Two questions I was curious about: was the original vision of the award slightly different? Will there be changes this year? Ms. Scrupski responded,