There are a number of activities that will help you to deliver a more valuable intranet. In the list of 50 I have comprised, here's a look at the first 20.

In a recent blog post, Irish intranet thought leader, Gerry McGovern, said: "Most intranets are not seen as essential to the functioning of an organization. This is because management is not convinced of their strategic value." And Canadian intranet commentator, Toby Ward, in another blog post says that "intranets are paltry when compared to the corporate website, and in fact, nauseatingly underfunded compared to the .com site."

So what can be done to make intranets more useful and valuable? Using data from the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC) -- a free web-based intranet benchmarking service that asks for feedback from employees about their intranet -- it is possible to:

  • Identify intranet qualities that are most important to employees.
  • Identify the most effective intranets and the tips and tricks that these intranets have used.

This article lists 50 activities that leading organizations have taken to deliver effective intranets.

Note: The WIC has been completed by over 20,000 employees from 67 organizations.

Most Important Intranet Qualities

The following diagram shows which intranet qualities employees think are most important in adding value to an intranet and which intranet qualities need the most improvement.

WIC Results.png

Some interesting things to note about these charts are:

  • Despite all the hype around web 2.0, intranet 2.0 and {insert preferred buzz word here}, employees consider the ability for staff to be able to contribute to the intranet as the least important quality of a valuable intranet (in comparison to the other qualities listed).
  • Using the intranet to complete work tasks and enabling staff to contribute are areas that need the most improvement (along with finding information).
  • “Ease of finding information” is considered to be the most important quality of a valuable intranet and yet is considered to be the quality that is ranked as needing the most improvement.

How to Improve Your Intranet

Based on feedback from leading intranets, the following is a list of tasks that can improve your intranet. They are grouped into the following topics (which correspond to the intranet qualities listed in the charts):

  • Finding information
  • Completing work tasks
  • Interactivity (staff contributions)
  • Performance
  • Look and feel
  • Content
  • Maintenance (governance)
  • Other

Finding Information

The following table lists tasks that will help improve the ease of finding information, either through the search, menu navigation or a better home page.