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Acquia Search - Solr Powered, Faceted and Pluggable

Acquia Search - Solr Powered, Faceted and Pluggable With DrupalCon well under way now, we are hearing a lot of announcements about new services and upcoming features and functionality for the web content management solution. One very interesting announcement is the official beta release of the new Acquia Search to the public.

A hosted search service for Drupal 6 websites, Acquia Search offers a number of advanced features that will help make your website hum with activity.

A New Search Service for Drupal Websites

Drupal has a search module already part of the core functionality. But it really isn't designed to match the features and functionality of the big search engines like Google or Yahoo.

Acquia hopes that the introduction of a hosted search service for Drupal websites will help bring Drupal into mainstream adoption by providing the web content management system with strong search capabilities — something enterprise level web content management systems really require.

Search Features and Functionality

The new search service is built upon the Lucene and Solr technologies from the Apache project. Hosted on the Acquia Network, it is a webservice that offers advanced search capabilities to any size website built on Drupal 6 and up.

Features of the search service include:

  • Faceted Search: Probably one of the most in-demand features of search engines today, faceted search provides more comprehensive search filters to really drill down and find the information you need
  • Results Sorting and Weighting: Sort your results by a number of parameters such as date, type and author or have certain results appear higher in the results screen by weighting them as more relevant to the type of query
  • Content Recommendations: Recommend related content based on the search and give visitors a reason to stick around longer
  • Faster Performance: Acquia Search is faster than the built-in search module within Drupal

Acquia Search - Results Screen

According to the Acquia Search website, this is just the start of the features the new search service will offer. One upcoming feature includes Faceted Site Navigation (which you could also get now with some custom coding).

Hosted on the Acquia Network

The new search service is hosted on the Acquia Network. If you haven't heard of it, the Acquia Network provides support and network services — such as remote site management — for Drupal 6.x websites for a subscription fee.

Referred to as an "Operations Portal", the Acquia Network connects you with Technical Support and a number of site management capabilities to support and manage websites built on Drupal 6 and up.

Some of these services include:

  • System profile management
  • Automated spam blocking with Mollom
  • Heartbeat uptime monitoring
  • Site usage statistics
  • Remote cron activation
  • Code modification detection for sites running Acquia Drupal
  • Software update management for sites running Acquia Drupal
  • Online documentation

Acquia Network Services

Subscriptions to the network start at a Basic Subscription for US$ 199 to an Enterprise Subscription for US$ 8,000 annually. Note these prices are for a single site. See here for more information on their pricing model.

How Acquia Search Works

An Acquia Search module in installed on your website and monitors it, checking every 5-10 minutes for new or updated content. That content is sent to the Acquia indexing servers and then disseminated to multiple search servers.

When you perform a search on your website, the request is sent to the Acquia service which does the work and sends a result set back to the search module.

The search index is protected by SSL when it is in transit and by HMAC authentication in the Acquia Network.


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