Acquia gets New CEO and Shares Roadmap
Acquia, the subscription based service and software company behind the popular open source web content management system Drupal, has made some new announcements that mean a change in management and exciting new things for the future of Acquia and Drupal.

New Leadership For Acquia

Acquia has appointed Tom Erickson as their new CEO. Erickson has been an active participant with Acquia for some time now as a member of the Advisory Board and as a Director on the Board for the past year. He is replacing Jay Batson, founding Acquia CEO, who will stay on in a management role.

According to Dries Buytaert, he has wanted Tom to be an integral part of the team for some time now, even going so far as to discuss business over five different plates of tuna sashimi. "We spent a lot of time talking about Open Source, how to build a great business, and Drupal world dominance."

Erickson also brings a variety of leadership experience to the table. He was the former CEO of Systinet Corporation, a privately held software company that was acquired by Mercury Interactive in 2006 and was the International VP of webMethods.

Aside from the new CEO appointment, Acquia has also added another member to their management team in an effort to push ahead with some ambitious goals. With extensive experience in sales and operations, Warren Utt will be the new VP of Sales for Acquia.

The Acquia 2009 Roadmap

The management changes come from the realization that, with all their irons in the fire already, Acquia’s 2009 Roadmap means more work and therefore the need for more people.

With great feedback in regarding the transparency of their 2008 plans, Acquia has decided again to release their 2009 Roadmap for all to see.

Exciting things are in the works including plans for widening the reach of Drupal as a viable web content management option, reducing issues with using Drupal and eliminating scalability concerns.

New Services from Acquia in 2009

Acquia 2009 Roadmap

New Services from Acquia in 2009

Aside from the aforementioned future aspirations for Acquia, they also have new services in the works. These new solutions focus on hosted site search, running Drupal sites on cloud-based infrastructures, a new hosted service and finishing Yellow Jersey all in an effort to further Drupal and the Acquia network.

  • Acquia Fields - Acquia Fields is set to offer a solution for site owners seeking to run their sites on cloud-based infrastructure. It aims to focus on dynamic scalability and multiple server deployments.
  • Acquia Search - Using powerful Apache Lucene and Solr search technologies, Acquia has a hosted site search service in the works. Acquia Search seeks to offer a variety of features including faceted search, content recommendations and results weighing.
  • Acquia Gardens - Acquia Gardens is an extremely ambitious project looking to bring Drupal to the masses. Their goal is to provide a hosted service so that nearly anyone can quickly and easily build a quality Drupal site with virtually no technical knowledge. Features being focused on include point-click simplicity and flexible configuration while keeping social, semantic and community ideals in mind.
  • Yellow Jersey - A carry over from Acquia’s 2008 roadmap, Yellow Jersey is promised by the end of this year. Yellow Jersey is program designed to empower Drupal trainers and provide better support for individuals in an effort to ease the Drupal adoption process and simplify things for new users.

With all of this, on top of DrupalCon DC getting underway today, Dries, Tom and the rest of the team at Acquia and Drupal seem motivated to push Drupal ahead of the competition.

Stay up on the happenings at DrupalCon DC and watch for more big things from Acquia and Drupal during 2009.