O'Reilly Media new book Using Drupal

O’Reilly Media wants to help make working with the Drupal web content management system just a bit easier. Many people realize that when working with a CMS of any kind, even an open source option, things can get pretty hairy for those not overly savvy with code and module configuration. Using Drupal’s goal is to eliminate as much frustration and as many wrong turns as possible.

O’Reilly Media has been putting out media in regards to technology and the tech community since 1978. Chronicling new developments and staying up on tech trends has kept them at the forefront of the industry for years now. And a long history of advocating, meme-making and evangelism make them a go to resource for many.

Using Drupal from O’Reilly Media

The main goal of the book, Using Drupal, is to provide the information necessary to combine Drupal modules and features, allowing a user to create a variety of community based sites. All with minimal code manipulation.

Each chapter outlines a specific case study, then addresses specific requirements for a range of projects including a wiki, publishing workflow site, photo gallery, product review site, online store, user group site and more.

The book will provide new users with a comprehensive introduction into the core Drupal framework. Experienced users will find information and best practices for building powerhouse sites. Learn why to select certain modules for some things and not for others. Finally, understand how to configure your modules with step-by-step instructions for building optimal functionality.

Written by Angela Bryon, Addison Berry, Nathan Huag, Jeff Eaton, James Walker and Jeff Robbins, this book promises to show the route to using Drupal to its fullest for a range of situations and styles. Each writer has solidified their place in the Drupal community and now are sharing their expertise with you.

Don’t miss Using Drupal from O’Reilly Media or you might be left behind when Drupal releases Drupal 7…soon to come.

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