2020 has been an excellent year for Next.js. The creators have invested heavily in improving both the developer experience and the performance of the framework. One of the main ideas behind Version 10 was to reduce the amount of JavaScript code that browsers have to load, and reduce the size of the code within the framework. 

This new version automatically optimizes images using a new next/image component, improves routing, and enhances the built-in Next.js Analytics module.  If you want to see the announcement, go to Next.js’ blog

Live Deployment Previews for Drupal Core

In the past, live reviewing and testing in Drupal has been a domain for experienced Drupal developers only, which alienated non-technical users. In a move to empower content editors and designers, the open source platform has allied with Tugboat.qa to offer automated and on-demand deployment previews to accelerate development.

With this integration, the CMS expects that automated deploy environments will help bridge the technical divide and provide the ability to review changes to more users, strengthening Drupal’s user base. Read the entire announcement here on Drupal’s newsroom

Liferay’s DEVCON 2021 Goes All Virtual

Started in 2013, Liferay Developer Conference has been the place for Liferay developers to come together and exchange ideas on how to build better digital experiences. The only thing that will change is that this March, the conference will be 100% virtual. 

If you’re interested in Liferay’s DEVCON 2021, save a seat and join the Liferay community from March 9 to March 11, 2021. If you want to be one of this year’s speakers, Liferay’s call for papers is also open. Feel free to submit a talk proposal or read the official announcement here.

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Other Open Source News

TYPO3 New Released Announced for December 

Even though TYPO3’s most recent version was released this April, the TYPO3 team has kept on working on a new version in parallel with v10. 

According to the TYPO3 team, v11 will improve the upgrade path for TYPO3 v9 and TYPO3 v10 installations, improve the editor and admin experience, improve accessibility to the platform’s backend, streamline authentication, and include changes to the API framework. 

Magnolia CMS 6.2.5 and Magnolia CORE 5.7.8 Are Here

This month, Magnolia CMS released two new maintenance updates to its platforms.

For Magnolia CMS, the 6.2.5 update brought bug fixes and enhancements. For example, if Magnolia was accessed without a context path, some assets will be missing in the Safari browser. Also, 6.2.5 updated some of the third-party language libraries the CMS uses. Feel free to read the complete change log

Magnolia CORE also got a maintenance update, adding support for asynchronous synchronization and allowing users to send the following new API request types. Similarly, CORE received an update to its language libraries, and to its SMTP session debugging.