The Drupal Business Survey is a survey where business leaders worldwide come together to give their opinion on their experience using the Drupal platform. The annual survey is eagerly anticipated each year, but even more so during this year, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The survey found that companies using Drupal have had to adapt and adjust their strategy to the changes brought by the pandemic. But it seems that despite the setbacks, Drupal-based projects are getting bigger, and businesses using Drupal are growing. Yet, the survey also found that the future isn’t as bright for companies that haven’t been able to fully digitize. You can read the full survey here.

WordPress State of The Word 2020

This year’s State of The Word is the first time the talk was delivered virtually. This year’s State of The Word highlighted the three major WordPress releases in 2020,the new block editor and Guttenberg support, to name a couple.

During the video address, the WordPress team unveiled a sneak peek of yet another new feature, the Full Site Editing project, which allows users to edit a theme’s template outside of the post content, and introduces blocks as part of  the template editing. 

Similarly, the number of people asking questions in languages other than English demonstrated that WordPress is eminently a global community. With 50% of the WordPress sites not using English, it’s undeniable that the WordPress community is clamoring for better multilingual support. It also means that increasing the CMS’ support for multilingual content is another step the company needs to take if they are to continue their reign as the most used CMS on the market. Watch the video here.

TYPO3 Released Community Podcast 

Application is the new TYPO3 community podcast. In Application, TYPO3 users share their stories, talk about their projects, and what they are doing to make TYPO3 a better place for both users and developers. 

TYPO3’s community is a vibrant community filled with many diverse groups of people around the world and Application is the place to show that difference. For TYPO3 users, the podcast presents a place to meet other developers and see how they work, and the value they give to the community. 

Learning Opportunities

Concrete5 Is Looking for Beta Testers

Concrete5 is currently looking for beta testers who want to test its new community site. If you are interested in applying as a beta tester, apply for the new community beta tester team here.

Join Liferay’s DEVCON 2021 

Liferay Developer Conference has been the place for Liferay developers to come together and exchange ideas on how to build better digital experiences.

The only thing that will change is that this March, the conference will be 100% virtual. If you’re interested in Liferay’s DEVCON 2021, save a seat and join the Liferay community from March 9 to March 11, 2021.

Plus, if you want to be one of this year’s speakers, Liferay’s call for papers is also open. Feel free to submit a talk proposal or read the official announcement here.

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